Elizabeth Jenkins

Standard Name: Jenkins, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Margaret Elizabeth Heald Jenkins
EJ , whose productive period extended from just after World War Two into the twenty-first century, was the author of half a dozen historical biographies and twice that many novels (several of which portray women in the position of victims of one kind or another), besides a play, book reviews, and a memoir. Some of her works have been often reprinted.


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Cultural formation Elizabeth Bowen
Elizabeth Jenkins observed that EB , elegant as she was in style, was highly sexed and attractive to men. She bore about her the aroma of passionate experiences.Molly Keane wrote that at parties all...
death Theodora Benson
Her brother-in-law persuaded a reluctant Elizabeth Jenkins to write her Times obituary.
Jenkins, Elizabeth. The View from Downshire Hill. Michael Johnson.
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia White
This was three months after the annulment of AW 's first marriage came through. Eric had a job with the Foreign Office .
Dunn, Jane. Antonia White: A Life. Jonathan Cape.
Vaux, Anna. “Biscuits. Oh good!”. London Review of Books, pp. 32-4.
They were married for five years, successfully, without any sexual...
Friends, Associates Theodora Benson
TB enjoyed a wide circle of friends both literary and non-literary. The former included Rose Macaulay and Howard Spring . She met her future collaborator Betty Askwith (daughter of an old friend of her mother's)...
Friends, Associates Stella Gibbons
In 1954 SG became concerned that her literary career was running down. At the instigation of her friend and fellow novelist Elizabeth Jenkins , she enlisted a new literary agent, Curtis Brown , who helped...
Friends, Associates Margaret Kennedy
Other women writers with whom MK established friendships included Lettice Cooper , Phyllis Bentley (who had also been at Cheltenham ), Marghanita Laski , Elizabeth Jenkins , and Rose Macaulay . These authors supported and...
Friends, Associates Marghanita Laski
ML was a friend of a number of other women writers (besides her fellow Charlotte Yonge enthusiasts Elizabeth Jenkins , Georgina Battiscombe , and Lettice Cooper ), notably Margaret Kennedy (whom her husband published) and Betty Miller .
Friends, Associates Norah Lofts
NL rarely associated with other authors, though she was a friend of the popular writer Elizabeth Jenkins , whose interests, like her own, were historical.
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Bowen
EB loved Oxford (where she and her husband spent ten years) and became a social success there. She met and became friends with John and Susan Buchan , and it was through them that she...
Leisure and Society Marghanita Laski
ML co-founded the Charlotte M. Yonge Society , along with friends and fellow writers and Yonge enthusiasts Elizabeth Jenkins , Georgina Battiscombe , and Lettice Cooper , among others.
Laski, Marghanita, and Georgina Battiscombe, editors. A Chaplet for Charlotte Yonge. Cresset Press.
11, 13
Literary responses Angela Thirkell
AT never over-estimated her own talent. She wrote that she and her fictional alter-ego, Laura Morland, each write the same book each year with unfailing regularity, and called her own work not very good books...
Literary responses Elizabeth Bowen
Glendinning writes: She is what happened after Bloomsbury; she is the link that connects Virginia Woolf with Iris Murdoch and Muriel Spark .
Glendinning, Victoria. Elizabeth Bowen. Alfred A. Knopf.
Elizabeth Jenkins characteristically remarked that as Britain's leading woman of letters...
Literary responses Monica Dickens
It caused, however, considerable outrage in some nursing circles. Going back to the hospital to visit a patient, MD disguised herself as far as possible, knowing that her book could not have been welcome. A...
Literary responses Stella Gibbons
The publisher had no shortage of praise to quote in advertising material. Elizabeth Goudge called the book the most exciting story and generally agreed with Elizabeth Jenkins 's point that it achieved a truly remarkable...
Literary responses Theodora Benson
Richard Sunne wrote in the New Statesman and Nation of Shallow Water, Miss Benson's soufflé is perfect, and she serves it under a magical salamander, so that each piece retains its lightness and its...


25-26 June 1483: The child King Edward V was deposed, and...

National or international item

25-26 June 1483

The child King Edward V was deposed, and Richard III assumed the throne of England.

22 July 1949: The house in the village of Chawton in Hampshire...

Women writers item

22 July 1949

The house in the village of Chawton in Hampshire where Jane Austen lived with her mother and sister from 1809 until her death was opened to the public, having been bought for three thousand pounds...

Early 1957: John Braine's novel Room at the Top was published...

Writing climate item

Early 1957

John Braine 's novelRoom at the Top was published by Gollancz after eight rejections, on the advice of Elizabeth Jenkins in her capacity as publisher's reader.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012]. http://www.gale.com/c/the-times-literary-supplement-historical-archive.
(1 March 1957): 125
Jenkins, Elizabeth. The View from Downshire Hill. Michael Johnson.


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