Betty Miller

Standard Name: Miller, Betty
Birth Name: Betty Bergson Spiro
Married Name: Betty Bergson Miller
During the earlier half of the twentieth century, BM published seven novels (with a hiatus after her fourth and most controversial was initially rejected), essays, short stories, and book reviews, and wrote plays for both stage and radio. The recent republication of two of her novels suggests that her work may be due for reappraisal.


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Friends, Associates Marghanita Laski
ML was a friend of a number of other women writers (besides her fellow Charlotte Yonge enthusiasts Elizabeth Jenkins , Georgina Battiscombe , and Lettice Cooper ), notably Margaret Kennedy (whom her husband published) and Betty Miller .
Publishing Olivia Manning
Abroad during the second world war, OM continued to write and place stories, and also essays. She was for a while employed on the literary pages of the Jerusalem Post.
Treglown, Jeremy. “Make use of me”. London Review of Books, pp. 21-2.
Her Poets in...
Reception Rudyard Kipling
Though Kipling's popularity during his lifetime and afterwards was immense, his identification with the ideology of Empire has kept him on the fringes of the academic canon. Marghanita Laski 's monograph about him, 1987 (which...


1927: Doctor and psychiatrist Emanuel Miller (later...

Building item


Doctor and psychiatrist Emanuel Miller (later the husband of novelist Betty Miller ) founded in Spitalfields the East London Child Guidance Clinic , the first of its kind in Europe.


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