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Family and Intimate relationships Eva Figes
EF 's father, Emil Eduard Unger , was imprisoned in Dachau (the earliest concentration camp) in 1938, but was released again by March 1939. As a refugee in England he joined the Pioneer Corps ...
politics Dervla Murphy
When the Second World War broke out, her father was psychologically incapable of desiring a British victory. Therefore, though he too had detested Nazism before the war, he sought relief in believing that it was...
Textual Features Anita Desai
The novel begins in the present: the day of the death of Hugo Baumgartner. Hugo went to work in Calcutta as a very young man at the start of the Second World War as a...
Textual Features Iris Murdoch
This novel features sunny Dorset in summer as its predecessor featured city fog in winter; it reflects the intensive study of Shakespeare that IM had undertaken on finishing The Red and the Green. It...


20 March 1933: Hitler began using Dachau, his first concentration...

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20 March 1933

Hitler began using Dachau, his first concentration camp, to imprison Communists and other political opponents.

1938: An International Red Cross report on Dachau,...

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An International Red Cross report on Dachau , extraordinarily, praised the camp as well regulated, the regime as severe but not inhumane, and the treatment of the sick as positively kind.

29 April 1945: The concentration camp at Dachau was opened...

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29 April 1945

The concentration camp at Dachau was opened by US soldiers.


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