Fascist Party


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Literary Setting Philip Larkin
The story first picks Phippy up in Form II; in Form IV he fails to borrow a dictionary from an aesthete named the Hon. Percy de Selincourt, who in Form V betrays him and precipitates...
politics Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
Even writing after the outbreak of the next war, EBO expressed approval of the early days of Mussolini 's Fascism and its routing of turbulent communistic elements in Italy,
Emmuska, Baroness Orczy,. Links in the Chain of Life. Hutchinson.
but having built a house...
politics Naomi Jacob
Having at first been inclined to admire Mussolini , NJ had by summer 1935 recognized his Fascist regime as hateful. This was a bold stance to adopt at this date for someone resident in Italy...
Textual Features Una Troubridge
In her Foreword, UT promises, as if a court of law, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Troubridge, Una. The Life and Death of Radclyffe Hall. Hammond, Hammond.
She begins by sketching Hall's family history and her family...
Textual Features Romer Wilson
The work is often described as epistolary; it is written in the first person, in letters which are varied with sketches that read almost like diary entries.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Shanks, Edward. “Romer Wilson: Some Observations”. The London Mercury, Vol.
, No. 130, pp. 343-9.
Through the letters and sketches of the...
Textual Production Nancy Mitford
In her third novel, Wigs on the Green, NM satirized the fascist sympathies of her sisters Unity and Diana .
Hastings, Selina. Nancy Mitford: A Biography. Hamish Hamilton.
Mitford, Nancy. Love from Nancy: The Letters of Nancy Mitford. Editor Mosley, Charlotte, Hodder and Stoughton.
Textual Production Eleanor Rathbone
ER was already alert to the effects of expansionist fascism when she contributed a foreword to The Tragedy of Abyssinia. What Britain Feels and Thinks and Wants, published by the League of Nations Union .
Pedersen, Susan. Eleanor Rathbone and the Politics of Conscience. Yale University Press.
Textual Production Eleanor Rathbone
During this year and the next she produced a number of reports on threatening international developments. In October that year she and other members of a committee of enquiry into breaches of international law in...
Textual Production Evelyn Waugh
EW embarked on travel writing with Labels: A Mediterranean Journal, 1930, which sets out in breezy letter-writing style to record comfortable travel (around the Middle East and North Africa as well as southern Europe...
Textual Production Cicely Hamilton
Between 1931 and 1939, CH published a series of travel books, which includes works on France, 1933, Russia, 1934, Austria, 1935, Ireland, 1936, Scotland, 1937, England, 1938, and Sweden...
Textual Production Philip Larkin
The Juvenilia Press produced in 2002 an edition of Incidents from Phippy's Schooldays, PL 's mock boys'-school story (hard to date, but evidently written in the later 1930s during the rise of the Fascists
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Edna St Vincent Millay
This volume is composed mostly of personal love poems (some of them dating back to 1932), in a different strain from the contents of Wine from These Grapes, which Millay had intended as a...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Evelyn Waugh
The protagonist of these books, Guy Crouchback, is a middle-aged Roman Catholic, divorced from his wife, Virginia (though not in the eyes of the Church , which therefore does not regard a sexual fling with...
Travel Anne Ridler
Her memoir details her family holidays: six weeks in lodgings in summer and two at Easter, visiting Cornwall, St Davids in Wales, the Lake District, and France (the first time, to Brittany...
Travel Evelyn Waugh
Having reported on Haile Selassie's coronation for The Times, he made further visits to Ethiopia (Abyssinia) in 1935 to write for the Daily Mail about its invasion by the Italians, and again as a...


28-30 October 1922: Mussolini, leader of Italy's Fascists, stayed...

National or international item

28-30 October 1922

Mussolini , leader of Italy's Fascists , stayed in the background during his party's so-called March on Rome, then arrived in Rome to speak with the king, Victor Emmanuel III .

11 February 1929: Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty, or Concordat...

National or international item

11 February 1929

Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty, or Concordat with the Pope : this gave sanction to the Fascist regime in Italy, and set up the independent microstate of Vatican City in Rome.

18 December 1935: The Hoare-Laval Pact (appeasement of recent...

National or international item

18 December 1935

The Hoare-Laval Pact (appeasement of recent territorial aggression by Mussolini 's Italy) was sealed. It enraged Britons to such an extent that Samuel Hoare was compelled to retire from politics.


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