Sigmund Freud

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Characters Amabel Williams-Ellis
In this text the husband and wife team set out to capture the flavour of life at Portmeirion, at a time when a damaging hydro-electric scheme was proposed for the region.It is written in...
Cultural formation Mary Renault
MR was confirmed as an Anglican , and enjoyed church ceremonies, but it was Plato 's belief in the individual which provided her with a lifelong ethical code. Later in life she discovered the works...
Education Ruth Pitter
At home her parents used to make her and her sister and brother learn poems by heart, and they paid for the learning, at a penny to sixpence a poem according to length.
Russell, Arthur et al. “Faithful to Delight: A Portrait Sketch”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, pp. 19-40.
Education Anne Enright
As a student she discovered and spent much of her time in two worlds which deeply influenced her writing: the theatre and psychoanalysis. She involved herself in student drama (already writing for the theatre) and...
Family and Intimate relationships Mavis Gallant
During her teenage years her legal guardians were a New York woman and her psychiatrist husband who had assisted and been analyzed by Sigmund Freud .
Besner, Neil K. The Light of Imagination: Mavis Gallant’s Fiction. University of British Columbia Press.
2, 3
Grant, Judith Skelton. Mavis Gallant and Her Works. ECW.
Family and Intimate relationships Jean Rhys
Later, in Sylvia Beach 's bookshop in Paris, she bought a book on psychoanalysis in an attempt to determine why her experiences with Mr Howard affected her so deeply. She would later write that she...
Family and Intimate relationships Phyllis Bentley
PB 's father died of a stroke on 4 December 1926. She blamed the shock of the General Strike, which had begun on the same day that her father fell ill, the third of May...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Blackwood
CB made her first marriage, at Chelsea register office, to the dashing young painter Lucian Freud (grandson to Sigmund Freud ), who divorced his wife to marry her.
Schoenberger, Nancy. Dangerous Muse, A Life of Caroline Blackwood. Phoenix.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Ruth Pitter
Years later RP spoke satirically of her first experience of falling in love. He had yellow curls reaching almost to his shoulders, and lovely blue eyes. He would do. He would have to do. When...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
James Beaumont Strachey (1887-1967) was analysed by Freud (with his wife, Alix Sargant-Florence ), translated Freud's work into English for the Hogarth Press , and became a pyschoanalyst himself.
Friends, Associates H. D.
In the 1920s, while HD and Bryher were living rootlessly, sometimes in London, sometimes in Europe, HD's list of acquaintances grew to include Gertrude Stein , Alice B. Toklas , Ernest Hemingway , James Joyce
Friends, Associates H. D.
HD built friendships with important figures in psychoanalysis, such as Hanns Sachs , Walter and Melitta Schmideberg , Barbara Low , Stephen Guest , and Mary Chadwick . Later, in analytic sessions with Walter Schmideberg...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
VW visited Sigmund Freud at Hampstead.
Bishop, Edward. A Virginia Woolf Chronology. Macmillan.
Health H. D.
H. D. underwent her crucial and transforming psychoanalysis with Freud
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
in his offices at Berggasse 19 in Vienna.
H. D.,. Tribute To Freud. Pantheon.
Health Stella Benson
SB consulted Willi Gutmann , a Viennese psychiatrist and a colleague of Freud 's, on the boat from Shanghai in 1925. While he thought her an interesting subject for analysis, he cautioned her against it...


1860: Ambroise Auguste Tardieu's Etude médico-légale...

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Ambroise Auguste Tardieu 's Etude médico-légale surles sévices et mauvais traitments exercés sur des enfants, the first study of child abuse, was published in France.

1873: Sigmund Freud enrolled in medical school...

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Sigmund Freud enrolled in medical school at the University of Vienna .

1881: Sigmund Freud graduated from medical school...

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Sigmund Freud graduated from medical school at the University of Vienna .

1882: The Society for Psychical Research was founded...

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The Society for Psychical Research was founded with the purpose of conducting objective scientific research into supernatural phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and mediumship.

September 1884: Carl Koller gave convincing demonstrations...

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September 1884

Carl Koller gave convincing demonstrations at the Heidelberg Ophthalmological Society that cocaine was a useful local anaesthetic for surgical procedures.

October 1885-February 1886: Sigmund Freud worked with Jean-Martin Charcot...

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October 1885-February 1886

Sigmund Freud worked with Jean-Martin Charcot at La Salpêtrière in Paris.

30 September 1886: Sigmund Freud married Martha Bernays....

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30 September 1886

Sigmund Freud married Martha Bernays .

15 October 1886: Sigmund Freud presented a paper to the Viennese...

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15 October 1886

Sigmund Freud presented a paper to the Viennese Society of Physicians called On Male Hysteria and established his private practice for the treatment of hysterics in Vienna.

1889: Sigmund Freud visited the Nancy School and...

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Sigmund Freud visited the Nancy School and learned the technique of posthypnotic suggestion from Liébeault and Bernheim .

1895: Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer published...

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Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer published their influential Studies on Hysteria, a foundational text for psychoanalysis.

3 December 1895: Psychologist Anna Freud was born in Vienna,...

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3 December 1895

Psychologist Anna Freud was born in Vienna, Austria.

21 April 1896: Sigmund Freud read The Aetiology of Hysteria...

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21 April 1896

Sigmund Freud read The Aetiology of Hysteria before the Society for Psychiatry and Neurology in Vienna.

1897-1910: Havelock Ellis published Studies in the Psychology...

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Havelock Ellis published Studies in the Psychology of Sex, in 6 volumes. Volume one, Sexual Inversion, had appeared in German a year before its appearance in English.

21 September 1897: On the basis of his work with Emma Eckstein,...

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21 September 1897

On the basis of his work with Emma Eckstein , Sigmund Freud began to abandon his seduction theory of hysteria (the belief that hysteria sprang from childhood experience of sexual advances from an adult) and...

1901: Sigmund Freud, in Fragment of an Analysis...

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Sigmund Freud , in Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, studied and wrote about the case of a hysterical woman named Dora; he believed that hysteria was caused by the...


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