Mary Catherine Hume

Standard Name: Hume, Mary Catherine
Birth Name: Mary Catherine Hume
Married Name: Mary Catherine Rothery
Married Name: Mary Catherine Hume-Rothery
MCH , who following her marriage published as Mary Hume-Rothery, wrote in a number of genres from the mid-nineteenth century onwards Her works include a biography, several collections of poems (many of which reflect her Swedenborg ian views), a novel, a collection of children's stories, three religious texts, and a number of essays and pamphlets on the medical profession, vaccination, and the Contagious Diseases Acts.


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By 1802: The smallpox vaccination method established...

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By 1802

The smallpox vaccination method established by Edward Jenner was coming into use around the world; in England about 100,000 people had been vaccinated, and the annual smallpox death rate (which had averaged about 3,000 per...


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