Katharine Bruce Glasier

Standard Name: Glasier, Katharine Bruce
Birth Name: Katharine St John Conway
Married Name: Katharine Bruce Glasier
Nickname: Kitty
Nickname: Fighting Kate
Katharine Bruce Glasier was a socialist-feminist writer and activist at the turn of the nineteenth century whose writing advances her ideas for social reform. She wrote newspaper articles, pamphlets, short stories, and novels all in the service of her socialist-feminist ideals. She also wrote poetry. She lectured widely throughout Britain for both the Fabian Society and the Independent Labour Party , and for many years contributed to the Labour Leader, which was (latterly as the New Leader) the primary propaganda vessel of the ILP. A key figure in the Labour movement, KBG was the only woman member of the organizational team that led to the establishment of the Independent Labour Party, and the first woman elected as director of its National Administrative Council . She was also a founding member of the Women's Labour League .


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Friends, Associates Isabella Ormston Ford
The sisters were friends of a large group of local female socialists who all campaigned for sex equality, many of whom were influenced by Carpenter. These included Katharine Bruce Glasier , Edith Priestman , Julia Varley
politics Isabella Ormston Ford
Several members of the Women's International League were committed suffragists, including Helena Swanwick , Maude Royden , Margaret Ashton , Kate Courtney , and Charlotte Despard . Others were IOF 's old friends from the...


January 1911: The League Leaflet, a magazine for members...

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January 1911

The League Leaflet, a magazine for members of the Women's Labour League , began publication in London.


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