Anna Miller

Standard Name: Miller, Anna,, Lady
Birth Name: Anna Riggs
Used Form: Anne Riggs
Used Form: Anna Riggs-Miller
Pseudonym: An English Woman
Titled: Lady
Indexed Name: Lady Anna Riggs Miller
Anna, Lady Miller, is best-known as a patron of poetry during the later eighteenth century. She published a travel book, and a serial collection of the poems entered for the performance-oriented contests at which she presided (including poems of her own).


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Johnson
JJ 's eldest child, her daughter Barbara , remained unmarried. She developed her literary ability in poetry as well as in familiar letters, and in 1776 won a prize for poems submitted to Lady Miller
Friends, Associates Jane Johnson
After JJ 's death, her children Barbara and Robert Augustus (born 1745) became intimates of the Bath poetry circle of Anne, Lady Miller .
Whyman, Susan E. The Pen and the People: English Letter Writers 1660-1800. Oxford University Press.
201, 207, 210
Friends, Associates Sarah Scott
When these two settled at Batheaston, they became part of a circle of women that included friends they had already made: Sarah Fielding, Elizabeth Cutts , Margaret Riggs (whose daughter was to continue the...
Friends, Associates Anna Seward
Nine years later her meeting with the provincial literary hostess Anne, Lady Miller , marked the beginning of a wide and deep acquaintance with the literary world beyond Lichfield.
Ashmun, Margaret. The Singing Swan. Yale University Press; H. Milford, Oxford University Press.
36-7, 71
She was on terms...
Friends, Associates Henrietta Maria Bowdler
Frances Burney preferred HMB , as more kind and gentle, to her sister Frances Bowdler. Burney amusingly records a visit by herself, HMB and others, to Lady Miller of Batheaston on 8 June 1780, when...
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Dunlop
The Mitchell Library in Sydney holds a manuscript album of ED 's poems entitled The Vase comprising Songs for Music and Poems . . . 1814-1866, whose title sounds like an allusion to the...
Leisure and Society Eleanor Anne Porden
EAP was an active participant in the literary society of London. She recited her own poems to guests at the Royal Institution , and she ran a literary society called The Attic Chest...
Publishing Susannah Gunning
The title-page of this initially three-volume work calls the authors the Miss Minifies of Fairwater in Somersetshire—thus linking their identity with their rank.
Gunning, Susannah, and Margaret Minifie. The Histories of Lady Frances S—,— and Lady Caroline S——. R. and J. Dodsley.
The long subscription list includes Frances Boscawen , Jonas Hanway
Textual Features Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
In the society that Morgan depicts, the Irish Catholic gentry are mostly absent, scattered in European exile. The peasantry, dirt-poor but generous-hearted, include Tim O'Leary, schoolmaster of a hedge school, scholar and expert in Irish...
Textual Features Anna Letitia Barbauld
The title echoes Les Veillées du Chateau by Genlis , transposed for middle-class rather than upper-class children.
McCarthy, William. Anna Letitia Barbauld, Voice of the Enlightenment. The Johns Hopkins University Press.
A framing narrative tells how the parents of a large family solicit fables, dialogues, and so on...
Textual Production Mrs Martin
This single volume is available from Chawton House LibraryNovels Online at The title-page quotes Miller (presumably Anne, Lady Miller , of the Batheaston vase).
Textual Production Anna Seward
AS contributed (by post) a poem, Invocation of the Comic Muse, to the vase of Lady Miller at Batheaston.
Ashmun, Margaret. The Singing Swan. Yale University Press; H. Milford, Oxford University Press.
Textual Production Anna Seward
AS , by now known as a published poet, printed through Robinson a Poem to the Memory of Lady Millar [sic], who had died the previous June after offering her early encouragement.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
53 (1782): 230
Textual Production Charlotte Smith
It was small but handsome. Thomas Stothard did two of the illustrations. His design for sonnet 12 (Written on the Sea Shore.—October 1784—the month in which she crossed the Channel with her children...
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
AJV was the second most prolific contributor (after Porden herself) to Eleanor Anne Porden 's Attic Chest during the years of its flourishing, 1808-15. Porden followed the model of Anna, Lady Miller 's Batheaston Vase...


1747: Public-spirited citizens of Bath formed the...

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Public-spirited citizens of Bath formed the Bath Pauper Trust to raise money for people needing medical advice and assistance; their dispensary later became the Bath City Infirmary and Dispensary .

1799: The year after Mary Alcock (sister of the...

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The year after Mary Alcock (sister of the playwright Richard Cumberland ) died, one of her nieces published her Poems, to which Elizabeth Carter and Hannah More , among others, subscribed.


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