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Education Mary Shelley
MS and her half-sister Fanny are reputed to have listened as Coleridge read aloud The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Godwin took all the children to Coleridge 's lectures at the Royal Institution
Education Eleanor Anne Porden
By the age of nine or ten EAP was attending science lectures given by Sir Humphry Davy and others at the Royal Institution in London. One commentator, Desmond King-Hele , argues that she gathered...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Atkins
Anna's father, John George Children , was an amateur scientist during his years as a gentleman of leisure, and made a living from scientific work when that became necessary. He was twice Secretary of the...
Friends, Associates Anna Swanwick
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
In London the Somervilles enjoyed participating in a rich scientific community: Mary's time there was much happier than during her first marriage. She attended many lectures at the Royal Institution , and took lessons in...
Friends, Associates Constance Naden
During this time, as well as writing, attending lectures, and arranging her new home, she joined the Royal Institution and the Aristotelian Society , where the quality of her contribution to debates was at once...
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Rigby
ER (Lady Eastlake) joined a crowd of over three hundred to hear John Ruskin lecture at the Royal Institution .
Rigby, Elizabeth. “Preface and Memoirs”. Journals and Correspondence of Lady Eastlake, edited by Charles Eastlake Smith, J. Murray, p. Various pages.
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Leisure and Society Eleanor Anne Porden
EAP was an active participant in the literary society of London. She recited her own poems to guests at the Royal Institution , and she ran a literary society called The Attic Chest...
Publishing Caroline Frances Cornwallis
John Barlow communicated the contents of each book to the Royal Institution , the second on 26 May 1843. The first had a second, enlarged edition in 1846, and a third in 1857. The second...
Reception Anna Swanwick
In 1858 AS became one of the first female members of the Royal Institution .
The Institution, founded in 1799, calls itself on its website the oldest independent research body in the world, and has...
Reception Agnes Mary Clerke
AMC was awarded the Acton Prize by the Royal Institution for her works in astronomy.
Commire, Anne, and Deborah Klezmer, editors. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Yorkin Publications.
Textual Features Eleanor Anne Porden
The poem concerns a a medieval knight and lady centred on a castle: a tale presented as emerging from a real-life story about a young lady, a Miss Denman, whose veil blew off on a...
Textual Production Ruth Pitter
RP gave an address to the Royal Institution of Great Britain , entitled (at least in essay form) The Return to Poetic Law.
King, Don W. “The Anatomy of a Friendship: the correspondence of Ruth Pitter and C. S. Lewis, 1946-1962: Mythlore, Summer 2003”. Findarticles.
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1802: Thomas Wedgwood (of the pottery family) and...

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Thomas Wedgwood (of the pottery family) and Humphry Davy experimented with capturing images using silver nitrate; they almost invented photography.

26 January 1926: John Logie Baird demonstrated television...

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26 January 1926

John Logie Baird demonstrated television in public for the first time, to an audience of about forty Royal Institution members.


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