Thomas Stothard

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Family and Intimate relationships Anna Eliza Bray
This marriage made her daughter-in-law to Thomas Stothard , 1755-1834, history painter, engraver and book illustrator, who was an important figure in the careers of many women writers. Although they had been long acquainted with...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Smith
Notable features of the book are the friendship between the heroine, Celestina, and a servant, Jessy (whose life-story is one of oppression and deprivation), and the handling of a prostitute (seduced at the age of...
Leisure and Society Anna Eliza Bray
After her acting career ended prematurely, AEB 's father arranged for her to have painting lessons at Thomas Stothard 's studio.
Mudge, Bradford Keyes, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 116. Gale Research.
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Publishing Charlotte Smith
It was small but handsome. Thomas Stothard did two of the illustrations. His design for sonnet 12 (Written on the Sea Shore.—October 1784—the month in which she crossed the Channel with her children...
Publishing Charlotte Smith
This has her preface replying to hostile criticism of her for querulous egotism,
Raycroft, Brent. “From Charlotte Smith to Nehemiah Higginbottom: Revising the Genealogy of the Early Romantic Sonnet”. European Romantic Review, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 363-92.
and for renewing her criticisms of the Smith trustees. She also admits, this time, her economic motive. The number of...
Publishing Mary Stockdale
MS wrote a dedication in fulsome terms to her mother, dating it 22 October. The frontispiece was engraved by Thomas Stothard . The work reached an alleged fourth edition the following year.
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Publishing Elizabeth Pipe Wolferstan
Each of the three volumes has a different engraved title-page by Thomas Stothard , and a few copies (for sale at fifteen instead of twelve shillings per volume) were intended for the Libraries of the...
Publishing Anna Eliza Bray
AEB , as Mrs. Bray, published a biography of her former father-in-law, The Life of Thomas Stothard with illustrations from Stothard's own work.
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The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
Publishing Sarah Fielding
The preface sounds condescending today, yet it offers high literary praise. Henry brushed up his sister's grammar and replaced colloquial words and expressions with more formal ones. He also altered her punctuation, notably removing her...


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