Jane Johnson

Standard Name: Johnson, Jane
Birth Name: Jane Russell
JJ , an eighteenth-century country clergyman's wife, published nothing, but she used her writing to examine the meaning of her life and to confront its problems.
Whyman, Susan E. The Pen and the People: English Letter Writers 1660-1800. Oxford University Press.
She left letters (which incorporate poetry, fiction, and a dream-vision), notebooks, more poems, religious musings, stories for her children including the earliest known original fairy-tale in English, and a set of ingenious teaching aids known as a nursery library.


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Occupation Anna Miller
The Batheaston Vase was important in several literary careers, notably those of Anna Seward , Jane Bowdler , and Mary Alcock . Other winners, like Jane Johnson 's daughter Barbara , seem never to have...


About 1799-1800: London publisher John Marshall produced the...

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About 1799-1800

London publisher John Marshall produced the earliest commercial miniature library for children, The Juvenile or Child's Library: a boxed set of tiny books suitable for an early reader, ideal for a child to teach...


Johnson, Jane, and Gillian Avery. A Very Pretty Story. Bodleian Library, 2001.