Eleanor Anne Porden

Standard Name: Porden, Eleanor Anne
Birth Name: Eleanor Ann Porden
Self-constructed Name: Eleanor Anne Porden
Indexed Name: Miss Porden
Married Name: Eleanor Ann Franklin
EAP is that rare thing, an early nineteenth-century woman writer of Romantic epic poems. Her personal letters are also outstanding.


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Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
Among her earlier literary friends, MRM wrote with particular warmth of Barbara Hofland (with whom she stayed in London for the first night of her play Julian), Eleanor Porden , and Joanna Baillie ...
Friends, Associates Anna Jane Vardill
While she lived in London AJV moved in culturally active circles. She later described the poet Eleanor Anne Porden (who lived not far away) as her dear friend, and was one of those who...
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Dunlop
The Mitchell Library in Sydney holds a manuscript album of ED 's poems entitled The Vase comprising Songs for Music and Poems . . . 1814-1866, whose title sounds like an allusion to the...
Textual Features Dinah Mulock Craik
Despite her regular invocation of conventional gender roles, DMC , like Felicia Hemans before her, considers alternative views of heroic male effort in poems such as her later The Arctic Exploration: from the Woman's Side...
Textual Features Sheenagh Pugh
Of the two sequences, Fanfic presents a fictional character—lean, cool, charismatic, deadly star of a series—whom a woman imagines with such intensity as almost to make him real. She fantasizes that if she believes in...
Textual Production Barbara Hofland
BH 's correspondence with Mary Russell Mitford (whose earliest surviving letter dates from 25 May 1820) reveals her as an active and eclectic reader. The two women exchanged responses to Anna Maria Porter , Amelia Opie
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
Anna Jane Niven, formerly Vardill , addressed to her five-year-old daughter a letter covering the gift of manuscripts from Eleanor Anne Porden 's Attic Chest, and three linked and recent articles: A Little Girl's Law-Book...
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
AJV was the second most prolific contributor (after Porden herself) to Eleanor Anne Porden 's Attic Chest during the years of its flourishing, 1808-15. Porden followed the model of Anna, Lady Miller 's Batheaston Vase...
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
Tabby-Hall, as a community of unattached women, was invented by members of the Attic Chest circle run by Eleanor Anne Porden .
Snell, Susan. “Enlightenment Females and Freemasonry”. Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism, Vol.
, No. 1-2.
It fits somewhere between Sarah Scott 's idealised Millenium Hall and Elizabeth Gaskell


July 1190-March 1194: Richard I was absent from England on the...

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July 1190-March 1194

Richard I was absent from England on the Third Crusade, pitted (with other Christian monarchs) against the warrior sultan Saladin .

19 May 1845-1848: John Franklin made his final, unsuccessful...

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19 May 1845-1848

John Franklin made his final, unsuccessful attempt to discover the North-West Passage.


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