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Intertextuality and Influence Delarivier Manley
The Atalantis was read in several conflicting ways. Pope used it in his Rape of the Lock to exemplify the brief reading fads of the fashionable female world which was drawn to it because it...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Herschel
The Critical Review felt that CH 's corrections were of more consequence, not less, because of the lapse of time during which they had been needed, and that the ability and attention of the astronomers...
Literary responses Jane Marcet
Scholar Christopher Mulvey considers that this is the only eighteenth- or early-nineteenth-century grammar held by Chawton House Library that might well (unlike works by Ann Fisher or Susanna Haswell Rowson ) be enjoyed by a...
Literary responses Melesina Trench
Recently scholar Katharine Kittredge has given papers on MT 's poetry and her Mourning Journal and is publishing on her journal, her poetry, and The Moonlanders. At Chawton House Library on 22 February 2012...
Occupation Joanna Trollope
JT is strongly committed to philanthropic action. She is the patron of a number of charities and has worked with the Society of Authors , the National Literacy Trust , and the talking books sponsored...
Occupation Michèle Roberts
She regularly gives readings of her work, for instance at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival on 29 May 2001. She is Professor of creative writing at the University of East Anglia (having previously been Visiting Fellow...
Performance of text Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis
Genlis' daughters gave performances of these plays to large audiences (up to five hundred people).
Dow, Gillian. “Books owned by Jane Austen’s niece, Caroline, donated to Chawton House Library”. The Female Spectator, No. 4, pp. 1 - 3.
The work was several times translated into English (beginning in late 1780) as The Theatre of Education. A...
Publishing Harriette Wilson
She said she wrote it in eight days.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber, 2003.
Chawton House Library has a copy of the first edition, available at A second edition followed the same year and one from the Navarre Society
Publishing Jane Harvey
JH dated her preface 12 February 1806. A former owner of what is now the Bodleian Library copy, who lived at Tynemouth Vicarage, wrote their name in the novel in 1936. The Chawton House Library
Publishing Alethea Lewis
The subscribers included George Crabbe and his wife , and Mary Meeke (who was for years, but erroneously, thought to have been a novelist herself). OCLC WorldCat (in 2015) lists three copies (at Yale ...
Publishing Jane Harvey
The publisher was Henry Mozley . This novel too is available in the Chawton House Library series Novels On-line, at
Publishing Elizabeth Isabella Spence
Publishing Ann Hatton
She dedicated it to John Edmin . The text is digitally available through Chawton House Library 's Novels On-line series at
Publishing Anna Maria Mackenzie
Francis, The Philanthropist is included among Chawton House Library 's Novels On-line at The author (not AMM ) says she intends, even though she admires Richardson , to emulate Henry Fielding and Smollett ...
Publishing Elizabeth Isabella Spence
The book is dedicated to the Duke of Gordon (whose late wife, the controversial Jane, Duchess of Gordon , had also received dedications from several Scotswomen).
Spence, Elizabeth Isabella. Letters from the North Highlands, During the Summer 1816. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1817.
The copy now at Chawton House Library is...


July 2003
Chawton House in the village of Chawton in Hampshire, once owned by Jane Austen 's brother Edward Austen Knight , opened its doors as Chawton House Library , a research centre in women's writing.