Flora Shaw

Standard Name: Shaw, Flora
Birth Name: Flora Louisa Shaw
Indexed Name: Flora L. Shaw
Married Name: Flora Louisa Lugard
Titled: Flora Louisa, Lady Lugard
Pseudonym: Special Correspondent
FS is best known as a journalist with strong views on imperialism, who influenced both official policy and the British public through her position as colonial editor for the Times. She believed that journalism was the best way for her, as a woman at that time, to exercise political influence. She was also the author of four works of children's fiction, of three books on the political history of states in the British empire, of addresses to various bodies, and of countless articles for newspapers and journals other than the Times.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Friends, Associates George Meredith
GM knew the poets Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Algernon Swinburne —he sometimes stayed with them while in London. He also knew Emma Caroline Wood , Lucie Duff Gordon , Leslie Stephen , Anne Thackeray Ritchie
Friends, Associates John Ruskin
JR 's social and intellectual network was extensive: amongst his acquaintances were Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning , Elizabeth Gaskell , Violet Hunt , Jean Ingelow , Flora Shaw , Jane Welsh Carlyle and Thomas Carlyle
Intertextuality and Influence Annie Keary
Gillian Avery suggests that Flora Shaw 's Castle Blair, 1878, whose plot of English children on a family Irish estate taking the part of the tenants in dangerous disputes must derive from AK ...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Frances Billington
While Billington celebrates notable women in her profession, including Flora Shaw and Tasma , she also notes the popular response to their craft: to the outside world, which really knows very little of how its...
Occupation Constance Smedley
Since the Langham Place Group had provided a social space for women in 1860, several organizations had already challenged the flourishing institution of men's clubs. The Lyceum Club came on the scene at a time...
Publishing Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL decided in her teens that she wanted to be a writer. In 1887, with the encouragement of her mother (who was based in France) the two of them embarked on a winter in the...
Reception Mary Kingsley
The review of West African Studies which MK dreaded the most was that by the Times, where the colonial editor was Flora Shaw . Shaw was already closely associated with Frederick Lugard , architect...
Textual Features Sophie Veitch
In Ethics and Art in Recent Novels, SV again fits notice of nine novels into a review which also expounds her view of literary morality, along the same lines as her fiction. She begins...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Joanna Trollope
Drawing largely on biographical material, JT presents a colourful mosaic of women's experiences in Britain's imperial possessions, mainly as wives of administrators and soldiers, with a few as missionaries or teachers in their own right...


1845-1872: The New Zealand Wars (also called the Maori...

National or international item


The New Zealand Wars (also called the Maori Wars) were fought sporadically over a nearly 30-year period between the Maori population (which numbered no more than 60,000 people of all ages) and British Imperial and...

29 December 1895-2 January 1896: The unsuccessful Jameson Raid, led by Leander...

National or international item

29 December 1895-2 January 1896

The unsuccessful Jameson Raid, led by Leander Starr Jameson and financed by Cecil Rhodes , tried to annex the Transvaal for British South Africa.


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