Sophie Veitch

Standard Name: Veitch, Sophie
Birth Name: Sophie Frances Fane Veitch
Indexed Name: Sophie F. F. Veitch
Indexed Name: S. F. J. Veitch
Indexed Name: Sophie F. E. Veitch
Pseudonym: J. A. St John Blythe
SV , a Scotswoman who lived the early part of her life abroad, was a varied and prolific author. Between the 1860s and 1890s she produced ten novels, a travel book, many journal articles (including a short story and literary reviews), and two translations. She is best known for her sensation novels, which focus on hidden madness and extramarital desires, and are remarkable for their unusual perspective on female passion as essential. Her works, although out of print, are nevertheless witty and engaging, and offer an interesting variation on better-known sensation novels.


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Literary responses Flora Shaw
Veitch , discussing this novel in The Scottish Review in the context of examining the ethics of contemporary fiction, was firm in her approbation. She thought its honest and lively depiction of ordinary goodness was...
Literary responses Emma Jane Worboise
In January 1886 a much less well-known novelist, Sophie Veitch , in an essay on current fiction for The Scottish Review, was equally dismissive of EJW 's Fortune's Favourite, 1885, as typifying a...
Textual Features Flora Shaw
The heroine is Colonel Cheswick's daughter, a lively and energetic young woman with whom her closeness is based on things they have in common rather than on gender difference, since she is a girl of...


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