Harold Pinter

Standard Name: Pinter, Harold
Used Form:
Pseudonym: David Baron
Pseudonym: Harold Pinta
Best-known as one of the leading British playwrights of the later twentieth century and as a Nobel Prize winner, HP was also a poet, actor, theatre director, and writer of radio plays and screenplays both original and adapted. He was early recognised for stage violence, for comedy of menace and theatre of the absurd. His work became more urgently political with time. He stripped the excess fat from theatre dialogue, and mapped out his own distinctive theatrical topography: a place haunted by the ambivalence of memory, flecked by uncertainty, reeking of sex, and echoing with a strange, mordant laughter.
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Cultural formation Antonia Fraser
Her family were highly educated, upper-class, Labour Party supporters: English, although her Anglo-Irish father sometimes liked to declare himself an Irishman.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
under Elizabeth Pakenham, Francis Aungier Pakenham
He was an earl's son, but the second...
death Frances Horovitz
On 3 December her friends and family held a Frances Horovitz Memorial Celebration at the Young Vic Theatre. Harold Pinter , Anne Stevenson , Roger Garfitt , Michael Horovitz , and others read, sang, and performed her poetry.
Horovitz, Michael, and Frances Horovitz. A Celebration of and for Frances Horovitz (1938-1983). New Departures.
Dedications Antonia Fraser
She followed it with Love Letters: An Anthology, dedicated to Harold Pinter and published in later 1976.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
Writing about this book in the Times on 6 November that year, AF noted that she...
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
AF made her second marriage, to Harold Pinter , leading British playwright, with whom she had been living for about five years.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
Wroe, Nicholas. “The history woman”. The Guardian, pp. 16-19.
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
She left Sir Hugh Fraser that year to live with Harold Pinter . Her divorce came through on 16 December 1976. Sir Hugh died in 1984.
Wroe, Nicholas. “The history woman”. The Guardian, pp. 16-19.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
AF first really met the high-profile dramatist Harold Pinter , at a dinner party after which they spent the whole night together, talking.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
Having decided to live with the dramatist Harold Pinter , AF found herself about to be cited in a divorce action by his wife, Vivien Merchant .
Wroe, Nicholas. “The history woman”. The Guardian, pp. 16-19.
Friends, Associates Edna O'Brien
After her move to London, her successful literary career made EOB a friend of such writers as Mordecai Richler , Philip Roth , Antonia Fraser , and Harold Pinter .
Bennett, Ronan. “The Country Girl’s Home Truths”. Guardian Unlimited.
Friends, Associates Samuel Beckett
Among SB 's various friendships made in Paris, that with James Joyce was the most formative. He was lucky not to lose his friendship with Nancy Cunard when she tried to pin him down over...
Friends, Associates Frances Horovitz
Among FH 's literary friends were poets or writers Anne Stevenson , Harold Pinter , Henry Williamson , Gillian Clarke , Kathleen Raine , Dom Sylvester Houédard , Inge Laird , Jeff Nuttall , and...
Leisure and Society Clemence Dane
In her last years, CD greatly admired the film West Side Story (1961), and went to see Harold Pinter 's The Caretaker (1960) over and over again.
Jeffrey John Archer, Earl Amherst,. Wandering Abroad: the Autobiography of Jeffrey Amherst. Secker and Warburg.
Literary responses Judith Kazantzis
Harold Pinter called this work beautifully wrought, concrete, and passionate, and also noted that a major political poem was a rare event. Carol Ann Duffy (herself an intensely political poet) observed sardonically: Someone should...
Literary responses Winsome Pinnock
WP was touched and delighted when members of the National Theatre audience (mostly white and relatively affluent) saw the likeness between their own parents and those on stage.
Stephenson, Heidi, and Natasha Langridge. Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting. Methuen Drama.
In 1991 this play won her the...
Literary responses Samuel Beckett
Dylan Thomas called this novel Freud ian blarney: Sodom and Begorrah.
Parker, Peter, editor. The Reader’s Companion to Twentieth-Century Writers. Fourth Estate and Helicon.
Iris Murdoch recorded the lasting impression which it made on her when she first read it.
Federman, Raymond, and John Fletcher. Samuel Beckett. University of California Press.
Harold Pinter —who while trying to...
Literary responses Antonia Fraser
AF was not happy when Harold Pinter found the manuscript, at a relatively early stage, confusing.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.


December 1951: John Villiers Sankey began producing, on...

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December 1951

John Villiers Sankey began producing, on a hand press housed in his bedroom, a little magazine called The Window, which he also edited.


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