Winsome Pinnock

Standard Name: Pinnock, Winsome
WP is a contemporary Black British playwright, who writes for television and radio as well as the stage, and a teacher of creative writing. Her first play was produced in 1987.


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Anthologization Sarah Daniels
SD 's Taking Breath was included (along with plays by Winsome Pinnock , Dario Fo , and Alan Ayckbourn ) in New Connections 99: New Plays for Young People.
Drake, Nick et al. “Introduction, editorial materials”. New Connections 99. New Plays for Young People, Faber and Faber, pp. vii - xiii, 602.


About October 1973: The Women's Theatre Group (still in being...

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About October 1973

The Women's Theatre Group (still in being as the Sphinx Theatre Company ) was founded in London as a feminist and socialist theatre group; its twin organization the Women's Theatre Company proved short-lived.


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