Mordecai Richler

Standard Name: Richler, Mordecai


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Education Margaret Atwood
From 1957 she attended Victoria College , University of Toronto . Canadian publishing and the arts in Canada, broadly considered, had not yet recovered from the second world war. There were no cheap reprints of...
Friends, Associates Mavis Gallant
MG corresponded with many writers and artists while travelling and in Paris, many of them Canadian. Indeed, she claimed that I met more Canadians in Paris, in 1950, than I've ever known since.
Bureau, Stephan. “An Interview with Mavis Gallant”. Brick: A Literary Journal, translated by. Wyley Powell.
Friends, Associates Edna O'Brien
After her move to London, her successful literary career made EOB a friend of such writers as Mordecai Richler , Philip Roth , Antonia Fraser , and Harold Pinter .
Bennett, Ronan. “The Country Girl’s Home Truths”. Guardian Unlimited.
Intertextuality and Influence Bernice Rubens
For many years BR alternated books with film work; in some phases of her career she alternated novels about Jewish and gentile society, rather like Maria Edgeworth alternating Irish and English settings, while gradually she...
Literary responses Mavis Gallant
On the subject of Gallant's first The New Yorker story, Madeline's Birthday, Mordecai Richler —signing his name as Mordy—wrote to Douglas M. Gibson to say i saw mavis's story in the new yorker. i'm...
Reception Mavis Gallant
As a bilingual Montreal-born Canadian author living in Paris, writing in English, and publishing primarily in an American magazine, MGs often found herself a source of contention about her relationship to her native country...
Reception Mavis Gallant
Although contemporaneous with other Canadian authors who spent long periods abroad, including Margaret Laurence , Mordecai Richler , and Norman Levine , MGhas come to seem the complete expatriate in ways these others have...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
While working on the collection that became Mrs. Golightly and other stories, EW began a series of public speaking engagements. She gave a talk at the University of British Columbia on January 28, 1956...


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Richler, Mordecai, and Mavis Gallant. “Afterword”. The Moslem Wife and Other Stories, McClelland & Stewart, 1994, pp. 247-52.