Ann Quin

Standard Name: Quin, Ann
Birth Name: Ann Marie Quin
AQ was one of the less-known English experimental writers of the 1960s. She has been likened to Graham Greene , Nathalie Sarraute , Samuel Beckett , Robert Creeley , Virginia Woolf , and Anna Kavan , among others. Such a spectrum of comparisons indicates both her originality and the difficulty she poses to critics who would place her neatly in standard categories. Over her short career, she produced four novels that enjoy a small but diligent following. Though each of these displays increasing formal innovation, certain themes persist through all of them, including searching and stalking, triangular relationships, and the fragility of identity.
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1965: Giles Gordon did a series of interviews for...

Women writers item


Giles Gordon did a series of interviews for The Scotsman with female authors: a species of writer that at the time wasn't particularly recognised, although it certainly had been in the previous century.

By early November 1973: Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced...

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By early November 1973

Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced his short-story volume Aren't You Rather Young To Be Writing Your Memoirs? with a polemical critique listing only sixteen serious contemporary British writers.


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