Philip Roth

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Friends, Associates Edna O'Brien
After her move to London, her successful literary career made EOB a friend of such writers as Mordecai Richler , Philip Roth , Antonia Fraser , and Harold Pinter .
Bennett, Ronan. “The Country Girl’s Home Truths”. Guardian Unlimited.
Literary responses Edna O'Brien
The jacket of Wild Decembers quotes Philip Roth calling EOBa consummate stylist and, to my mind, the most gifted woman now writing fiction in English.
O’Brien, Edna. Wild Decembers. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Literary responses Edna O'Brien
Lee Brackstone, who bought the manuscript of this book for Faber and Faber , alerted its potential readership, pre-publication, to expect the masterpiece of O'Brien's career, a book which reminds us why she is...
Reception Anita Brookner
This book provoked an unusual article from journalist Mark Lawson , centred less on Brookner than on his own response. I have mocked her dessicated sentences, characterless protagonists and action-free narratives, he wrote. The gist...
Textual Features Diana Athill
Athills remarks how much less she was paid than her male equivalents. All publishing was run by many badly-paid women and a few much better-paid men: an imbalance that women were, of course, aware of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Zadie Smith
These essays are a paradox: colloquial and popular in their enthusiasms, effortlessly learned in their handling. Smith is highly personal as she recounts her cultural discoveries: of a biracial chareacter claiming liberty of creative freedom...


By 17 April 1969: Philip Roth published his very funny novel...

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By 17 April 1969

Philip Roth published his very funny novelPortnoy's Complaint, titled from a rant addressed to the narrator's psychiatrist and from his affliction of an obsessive urge to masturbate.


O’Brien, Edna, and Philip Roth. A Fanatic Heart. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1984.