Wallis, Duchess of Windsor

Standard Name: Windsor, Wallis,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Wallis Simpson


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Friends, Associates Barbara Cartland
BC delighted in the company of the famous, beautiful, and charming. She frequented the Embassy Club , as did Michael Arlen , Cecil Beaton , Charlie Chaplin , and Gloria Vanderbilt , and she counted...
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
In FinlandRF met the national hero Marshal Mannerheim .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
On her first visit to the USA she met Rebecca West , Ruth Draper , Anna Pavlova , and H. G. Wells ; on...
Intertextuality and Influence Githa Sowerby
This play's examination of modern sexual mores may have been provoked by a recent Hollywood scandal involving Greta Garbo , or more likely (in Riley's view) by the recent affair of King Edward VIII and...
Reception Ann Bridge
The book made immediate friends in high places. A Yugoslav shipowner's wife gave a copy to Princess Marina ,
Born Princess Marina of Greece, she married the Duke of Kent, a younger son of George...
Textual Production Caroline Blackwood
CB 's The Last of the Duchess, an account of the final years of the Duchess of Windsor written in 1980, appeared in print after one of its subjects, Maitre Suzanne Blum , the...
Textual Production Rose Tremain
RT titled her next volume of short stories The Darkness of Wallis Simpson and Other Stories.
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11-23 October 1937: Embarrassingly for the British government...

National or international item

11-23 October 1937

Embarrassingly for the British government and royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visited Nazi Germany, where they had a cordial meeting with Hitler .


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