William Franklin

Standard Name: Franklin, William


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
An engagement to William Franklin , natural son of Benjamin Franklin , ended, painfully for her, in his marriage to somebody else.
Garraty, John A., and Mark C. Carnes, editors. American National Biography. Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Anna Jane Vardill
While she lived in London AJV moved in culturally active circles. She later described the poet Eleanor Anne Porden (who lived not far away) as her dear friend, and was one of those who...
Publishing Anna Jane Vardill
Another of AJV 's contributions to the European Magazine appeared signed with her full initials: Epitaph designed for William Franklin , Esq. late Governor of New Jersey: Ob. Nov. 16, aged 82.
De Montluzin, Emily Lorraine. Attributions of Authorship in the European Magazine, 1782-1826. http://bsuva.org/bsuva/euromag/.
Textual Production Anna Jane Vardill
For her first few years of appearing there, AJV was almost the only woman in the longish list of poetry contributors to the European Magazine (although over the magazine's lifetime the eleven women who published...


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