Susanna Wright

Standard Name: Wright, Susanna
Birth Name: Susanna Wright
Nickname: Philomel
SW , early American poet and woman of letters, was writing throughout the middle years of the eighteenth century. She did not preserve her letters or poems, and comparatively few have survived, though the known number has been mounting as scholarly interest has increased. Some poems may have been published in magazines, but if so they have not been identified. Her oeuvre probably deserves a poetic standing equal to that of several of her female contemporaries. The work that she did publish was largely practical, such as her well-known treatise on raising silkworms.


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Friends, Associates Deborah Norris Logan
Although a wealthy woman herself, DNL had the tact to enjoy a friendship on terms of equality with the less well-off and considerably older poet and agriculturist Susanna Wright .
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
EGF had met novelist Laurence Sterne and botanist-physician John Fothergill in London. Among her large circle of friends at home, other writers were prominent. She knew the poet Nathaniel Evans and the physician and educator...
Friends, Associates Hannah Griffitts
It is remarkable that HG 's purely domestic female friends (with whom she corresponded and in most cases exchanged verse) include so many who are known to history as writers: Susanna Wright , Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
Textual Production Deborah Norris Logan
Early in her life DNL freely exchanged verse with Susanna Wright , who was her elder by a couple of generations and died a few years after Logan's marriage, in December 1784. Logan then wrote...
Textual Production Hannah Griffitts
HG commemorated a friend and fellow-poet in an elegy entitled To the Memory of my Late Valuable Friend Susanna Wright.
Moore, Milcah Martha. Milcah Martha Moore’s Book. Editors Blecki, Catherine La Courreye and Karin A. Wulf, Pennsylvania State University Press.
Textual Production Hannah Griffitts
HG 's poetry manuscripts—in rough and fair copies, but most of them in very difficult handwriting—are held by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania . Others are reproduced in Blecki and Wulf's edition of Milcah Martha...


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Wright, Susanna. “Directions for the Management of Silk-worms”. Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 103-7.