Thomas Hutchinson

Standard Name: Hutchinson, Thomas


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Publishing Mercy Otis Warren
MOW anonymously published in the Massachusetts Spy the first instalment of her patriotic, or pro-independence, one-act play The Adulateur, an attack on Governor Thomas Hutchinson .
Anthony, Katharine Susan. First Lady of the Revolution: The Life of Mercy Otis Warren. Kennikat Press.
83, 254
Textual Features Mercy Otis Warren
Though the play is set in Servia (a place chosen not for its history or geography but its sound), the names are Roman, matching the title-page quotation from Addison 's Cato. All the characters...


June 1772: Boston radicals agitated for the dismissal...

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June 1772

Boston radicals agitated for the dismissal of Thomas Hutchinson , Governor of Massachusetts, after confidential letters by him were leaked.


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