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Anthologization Ann Batten Cristall
Subscribers included Anna Letitia Barbauld and her brother , Ann Jebb , the future Amelia Opie , Anna Maria Porter , Mary Wollstonecraft and her sister, Mary Hays and her sister, a Mrs Spence who...
Cultural formation Eudora Welty
EW 's time in New York City was educational not only academically but also in broadening her cultural horizons. As a middle-class white in America's Deep South she had grown up among people whose outlook...
Education Eudora Welty
After this she attended the University of Wisconsin , majoring in English Literature and studying under Ricardo Quintana .
Vande Kieft, Ruth M. Eudora Welty. Twayne Publishers.
She obtained a bachelor of arts degree in 1929.
Encyclopedia of World Biography.
Next, with encouragement from her father...
Education Helen Oyeyemi
HO reports having been bullied at school in England. She attended the Catholic-run Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School and later Corpus Christi College , Cambridge, where she studied Political Science and Social Sciences. Before this...
Education Ursula K. Le Guin
Ursula Kroeber (later Le Guin) followed her BA with an MA from Columbia University , New York, and headed to Paris on a Fulbright scholarship to work on a PhD on the French poet...
Education Carson McCullers
Carson preferred to study not music but creative writing. She enrolled in courses at Columbia before she lost all her money, and later studied also at New York University .
Carr, Virginia Spencer. The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers. Doubleday and Co. Inc.
Dews, Carlos L., and Carson McCullers. “Chronology and Notes”. Complete Novels, Library of America, Literary Classics of the United States, pp. 807-27.
One of her...
Education Nawal El Saadawi
The earliest dream of NES was to be a dancer, but studying music needed a piano, which was too expensive. She therefore turned, she said, to books and reading. She did not want to be...
Employer Toni Morrison
After her MA she embarked on an academic career, teaching English literature and creative writing. She worked at Texas Southern University from 1955 to 1957, then from 1957 to 1964 at her own alma mater,...
Employer Adrienne Rich
In addition to Columbia and the City University of New York , AR taught at numerous American universities throughout her career.
Employer Julia Kristeva
She worked with Sollers on Tel Quel (an avant-garde little magazine which became notorious for its support for Maoism), whose editorial board she joined in 1971. In New York, in 1976, she became a Permanent...
Employer Hélène Cixous
HC became professor of English Literature at the new university. The university soon distinguished itself by attracting an extremely high-quality faculty, though the French government never particularly appreciated its existence. HC founded the Centre des Recherches en Etudes Féminines
Employer Margaret Mead
When the second world war began, MM worked to get the USA into it. From the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, she worked in Washington, DC, as an administrator for the...
Family and Intimate relationships Eudora Welty
EW returned home to Jackson, Mississippi, immediately following her last spring term at Columbia . Her father , only fifty-two, had terminal cancer.
Marrs, Suzanne. Eudora Welty: A Biography. Harcourt, Inc.
He was diagnosed with leukemia—at that date, 1931, mostly unknown and...
Family and Intimate relationships Jan Struther
JS finally married Adolf Kurt Placzek , by then a librarian at Columbia University in New York, her lover of nearly a decade, whom she had met during his refugee days in England.
Maxtone Graham, Ysenda. The Real Mrs Miniver. John Murray.
Reynolds, David. “Zest”. London Review of Books, pp. 34-5.
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Jane Vardill
AJV 's father, John Vardill , was born in the American colonies in 1749 and educated at King's College , New York (the forerunner of Columbia University). In 1773 he became Professor of Natural Law...


1836: Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mount...

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Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mount Holyoke College) was founded at South Hadley, Maryland, by Mary Lyon : the first post-secondary educational institution for women in the USA.

11 July 1919: University women from Britain, the USA, and...

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11 July 1919

University women from Britain, the USA, and Canada met in London to plan the founding of the International Federation of University Women, which held an inaugural conference at Bedford College , London, in 1920.

23 October 1920: In his novel Main Street, Sinclair Lewis...

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23 October 1920

In his novelMain Street, Sinclair Lewis excoriated the small-town life often represented in American literature as the backbone of national life.

December 1990: Bibliographer G. Thomas Tanselle spoke out...

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December 1990

Bibliographer G. Thomas Tanselle spoke out at Columbia University about what he termed the microfilming epidemic, with attendant destruction of texts once microfilmed.


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