Granville Sharp

Standard Name: Sharp, Granville


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Employer Thomas Holcroft
Working as a stable-boy, being entrusted with the management of one of that race of creatures that were the most admired and beloved by me,
Holcroft, Thomas, and William Hazlitt. The Life of Thomas Holcroft. Editor Colby, Elbridge, Constable.
1: 52
seemed too good to be true. Though it...
Friends, Associates Phillis Wheatley
Her enumeration of those she met in London is impressive, including several noblemen, Benjamin Franklin , the scientist Daniel Solander , the religious poet and hymn-writer Thomas Gibbons , the abolitionist Granville Sharp (who took...
Intertextuality and Influence Susanna Watts
At the outset the sisters are faced with the big question about slavery: What can I do for the cause?
Watts, Susanna. The Humming Bird. I. Cockshaw.
They reply firmly that everybody can do something: boycott sugar and educate others. They...
Publishing Mary Deverell
Her full title was Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, mostly written in the Epistolary Style, chiefly upon Moral Subjects, And particularly calculated for the Improvement of Younger Minds. It was published in two volumes...
Publishing Olaudah Equiano
Equiano was already a well-known figure in the abolitionist movement in Britain when his book appeared. He had issued Proposals for his subscription in November 1788 (the same month that George III fell ill, probably...
Publishing Anna Maria Porter
The first volume had a frontispiece designed by AMP 's brother R. K. Porter . The epigraph came from the introduction to Gay 's Fables (1727) : From objects most minute and mean, / A...
Textual Features Anna Maria Falconbridge
AMF 's degree of irony is sometimes hard to gauge. She describes Naimbana 's Court in session at Robana, the king seated between his secretary and his Palavar man; or, as the office is...
Textual Production Olaudah Equiano
As a founding member of the Sons of Africa , OE (as Gustavus Vassa) participated with nine others in the composition of an address of thanks to Granville Sharp for his work on behalf...


By March 1772: Granville Sharp published his Appendix to...

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By March 1772

Granville Sharp published his Appendix to the Representation of the Injustice and Dangerous Tendency of Tolerating Slavery; his previous volume had appeared in 1769.

March 1783: In the Zong case, a jury in London ruled...

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March 1783

In the Zong case, a jury in London ruled that shipowners trading in slaves were owed compensation for human cargo thrown overboard.

1786: Thomas Clarkson published his measured polemic...

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Thomas Clarkson published his measured polemicOn the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species.

22 May 1787: The Society for the Abolition of the Slave...

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22 May 1787

The Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was founded in London, by Granville Sharp , Thomas Clarkson , and ten more, of whom nine were Quakers .


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