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Anthologization Christina Rossetti
After the appearance of Goblin Market, CR had less difficulty placing her verse in periodicals. The tide had already started to turn in the 1850s, when her work began to appear in journals including...
Intertextuality and Influence Cecily Mackworth
The title was her publisher's. She wanted to call it Ship of France from Walt Whitman 's O star, O ship of France, beat back and battered long.
Mackworth, Cecily. Ends of the World. Carcanet, 1987.
She was asked to write this...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
While she was working on this novel, her husband Alan Odle was preparing for a show of his drawings and book illustrations. Both of these projects necessitated their spending the winter in London, and...
Material Conditions of Writing Jeanette Winterson
Winterson began writing the novel after she was turned down for a publishing job at Pandora Press , because the interviewing editor suggested she should write a book about her early life. Adam Mars-Jones has...
Occupation Jeanette Winterson
Her other jobs included working at Gateways , a well-known lesbian club in London, as a general factotum at the Roundhouse Theatre , and at domestic work and general organization of life for a...
Publishing Charlotte Riddell
The firm of Routledge issued CR 's Fairy Water: A Christmas Story as part of Routledge's Christmas Annual made up of puzzles, jokes, and games as well as stories.
OCLC WorldCat.
Publishing Emma Robinson
Two more editions in English were published in Paris in 1847: by A. and W. Galignani and Co. and in Baudry's European Library. London editions appeared from Routledge in 1853 and 1874.
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British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Luce Irigaray
Routledge used the title I Love to You: Sketch for a Happiness within History in the USA, but I Love to You: Sketch of a Possible Felicity in History in Britain.
Publishing Mary Leadbeater
These two volumes were re-issued in facsimile by Routledge in 1998, with an introduction by ML scholar Maria Luddy .
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Publishing Christina Rossetti
For this publication she turned to Routledge after F. S. Ellis dragged their heels. She was paid a £25 advance when the book appeared.
Marsh, Jan. Christina Rossetti: A Writer’s Life. Viking, 1995.
395-6, 398
When she wrote out her fair copy, she included...
Publishing Harriet Lee
John Murray paid HL £300 in probably 1822 for the copyright of the Canterbury Tales; but he made a loss, for sales of his re-issue did not cover his printing expenses, let alone the...
Publishing Dora Russell
This has been often reprinted, recently by Routledge in 1996.
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Publishing Charlotte Lennox
Published in four volumes (her longest) by Cadell , it had been written some years previously. The section where the heroine's son is carried off by Indians was reprinted as The Lost Son, An Affecting...
Publishing Sarah Scott
A facsimile reprint by Routledge/Thoemmes ,1993, is part of a boxed set of novels selling for £625.
Publishing Joanna Baillie
JB 's introduction cites Adam Smith 's Theory of Moral Sentiments. Her full title was A Series of Plays: In Which it is Attempted to Delineate the Stronger Passions of the Mind—Each Passion Being...


1 July 1865
Frederick Warne and Company began business at 15 Bedford Square, Covent Garden, after Frederick Warne and George Routledge dissolved their partnership .
The Routledge Publishing House introduced the monthly journal entitled the Broadway.
29 May 1868
The case of Routledge vs. Low led the House of Lords to expand the meaning of British Soil to include the whole British Empire under existing copyright protection laws.
16 May 1871
Henry S. King (husband of the poet Harriet Hamilton King ) set up the publishing firm H. S. King and Co. at 65 Cornhill, London; taken over by Charles Kegan Paul in 1877, it...
Caroline Lindsay collected and illustrated an anthology which Routledge published nine years later as About Robins: Facts, Songs and Legends, under her married title of Lady Lindsay, although she was separated from her husband.
Routledge and Sons decided not to publish former prostitute Sheila Cousin 's autobiographyTo Beg I am Ashamed after the publisher received much bad press and threats of prosecution from the police.
June 1966
AnthropologistMary Douglas published her best-known work, Purity and Danger, a study of ritual behaviour and taboo.