Caroline Lindsay

Standard Name: Lindsay, Caroline


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1880: Caroline Lindsay collected and illustrated...

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Caroline Lindsay collected and illustrated an anthology which Routledge published nine years later as About Robins: Facts, Songs and Legends, under her married title of Lady Lindsay, although she was separated from her husband.

By 24 November 1888: After separating from her husband Sir Coutts...

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By 24 November 1888

After separating from her husband Sir Coutts Lindsay , Caroline Lindsay published her first novel, entitled Caroline.

1890: Lyrics, and Other Poems, the first successful...

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Lyrics, and Other Poems, the first successful publication by Caroline Lindsay , had a first and second printing this year under her married title, Lady Lindsay.

1891: Caroline Lindsay published her three-volume...

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Caroline Lindsay published her three-volume novelBertha's Earl.

1892: Lady Lindsay(Caroline), issued A Tangled...

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Lady Lindsay(Caroline) , issued A Tangled Web, a novel of an heiress who sets out to see the world but falls in love with her cousin.

1894: Caroline Lindsay's collection of poems The...

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Caroline Lindsay 's collection of poems The King's Last Vigil, and other Poems, appeared. It includes To My Own Face, which has been often anthologised.

1896: Caroline Lindsay included a narrative poem...

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Caroline Lindsay included a narrative poem sequence, Lucinda's Letters, in her poetry collection The Flower-Seller, published this year.

28 June 1899: Caroline Lindsay read her pamphlet The Art...

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28 June 1899

Caroline Lindsay read her pamphletThe Art of Poetry with Regard to Women Writers to the Women's International Congress for their literary meeting.

By mid-December 1903: Caroline, Lady Lindsay published, with illustrations...

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By mid-December 1903

Caroline, Lady Lindsay published, with illustrations by Clara Montalban , a poetry volume entitled From a Venetian Balcony,and other poems of Venice and the near lands. It had a first-edition run of five hundred copies.

1907: Poems of Love and Death written by Caroline...

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Poems of Love and Death written by Caroline Lindsay was published. It was one of the last poetry collections Lady Lindsay published.


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