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Anthologization Kate Greenaway
Warne issued this popular tale this year with KG 's illustration both on its own and as part of a composite volume, Aunt Louisa's Nursery Favourite. On its own it was reprinted with no...
Publishing Frances Hodgson Burnett
FHB began writing this novel in Washington, but completed it in her grand house in Portland Place, London, which is also the setting for the heart of the story. This story she conceived...
Publishing Margaret Roberts
It was reprinted in New York in 1864, by Tauchnitz in 1865, and in a new edition by Frederick Warne in 1882. (Warne reprinted many of MR 's works, generally undated.) The Tauchnitz and Warne...
Publishing Florence Marryat
The next year saw both a Tauchnitz edition and a second London one in Frederick Warne 's Yellow-Back Collection.
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Publishing Beatrix Potter
At least six publishers rejected it before Warne accepted.
Richardson, Barbara. “Beatrix Potter: Her Early Editions Continue to Fetch Large Sums”. Book and Magazine Collector, pp. 4 - 17.
Grinstein, Alexander. The Remarkable Beatrix Potter. International Universities Press, 1995.
BP achieved her greatest literary creativity in the face of parental disapproval. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was no sooner published than she experienced...
Publishing Beatrix Potter
The year after publishing Peter Rabbit Warne issued The Tailor of Gloucester and The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin; a ten-year outpouring had begun.
MacDonald, Ruth K. Beatrix Potter. Twayne, 1986.
Frederick Warne , however, omitted to take out copyright in...
Publishing Mary Anne Barker
This book was several times reissued both by its original publisher, Macmillan , and by Frederick Warne .
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Publishing Beatrix Potter
The publisher of the Peter Rabbit series, Frederick Warne , also issued French, Welsh, German, Dutch, and Swedish translations, and dramatic versions of some of the stories. The original little books, nearly square in shape...
Publishing Frances Hodgson Burnett
She recycled this story, making it go a long way, but she was not its only recycler. It was serialised again in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, then pirated as a single volume by Coates of...
Publishing Beatrix Potter
During the early years of the First World War, BP became dissatisfied with the service offered by her publishers, Frederick Warne . By nearly the end of 1915 she had received no satisfactory financial statement...
Publishing Frances Hodgson Burnett
The serial ran until May 1877 the month after the book appeared in volume form. Scribner's had offered to publish it in handsome format, to bear all expenses themselves, and pay a ten percent royalty...
Publishing Frances Hodgson Burnett
Almost as soon as FHB 's first full-scale novel reached the market in volume form, magazine publishers who had printed her serials and her stories began re-issuing earlier work by her in re-packaged formats designed...
Reception Beatrix Potter
Of her original The Tale of Peter RabbitBP wrote to Frederick Warne , I am aware that these little books don't last long, even if they are a success.
“Beatrix and the Bunny”. The National Trust Magazine, Vol. 95, pp. 52 -60.
Events were to prove...
Textual Production Beatrix Potter
Leslie Linder bequeathed his extensive collection of BP 's papers, paintings, and first editions to the National Trust . The trust holds its Potter manuscripts at Near Sawrey in the Lake District; others are...
Textual Production Rumer Godden
She was commissioned to write this book by Frederick Warne and Company , Potter's publishers, having established herself as a Potter admirer by talks, an anniversary New York Times article, and her friendship with Leslie Linder


1 July 1865
Frederick Warne and Company began business at 15 Bedford Square, Covent Garden, after Frederick Warne and George Routledge dissolved their partnership .
2 April 1917
Harold Warne , of the respected publishing firm of Frederick Warne , was arrested for forgery; the sum involved was so large that he was denied bail.