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Anthologization Ali Smith
AS contributed to this project a short story entitled A & V at the V & A, later published in Road Stories. The story appeared in the exhibition alongside installations, street performance, a...
Education Una Troubridge
UTacquired a reputation as a child prodigy at the Victoria and Albert Museum , where she began taking art classes at seven years of age.
Baker, Michael. Our Three Selves: The Life of Radclyffe Hall. Hamish Hamilton, 1985.
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Johnson
JJ 's eldest child, her daughter Barbara , remained unmarried. She developed her literary ability in poetry as well as in familiar letters, and in 1776 won a prize for poems submitted to Lady Miller
Health Constance Naden
While in India CN contracted a serious fever, which kept [her] a prisoner
Hughes, William Richard, Charles Lapworth, W. A. Tilden, and Robert Lewins. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son, 1890.
for seven weeks. She had been ill before this, and had been barred from scientific studies for some weeks by a...
Leisure and Society Charlotte Guest
Lady CG enjoyed cultured activities like the theatre and the opera throughout her life. Reading Jane EyreCharlotte Brontë in December 1850 she thought it singular . . . written with force but coarseness, and not of...
Material Conditions of Writing Rumer Godden
In summer 1939 she had acquired a ticket for the Victoria and Albert Museum reading room, a spacious and scholarly
Godden, Rumer. A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep. Macmillan, 1987.
working environment which was quite new to her and which she loved. Ostensibly working...
Occupation Beatrix Potter
She began making scientific drawings out of interest: her renderings of plant and animal life are painstakingly, professionally accurate, except when she chose to make them whimsically anthropomorphic. The Victoria and Albert Museum holds the...
Occupation Jane Ellen Harrison
From these tours she moved on to lecturing at the South Kensington Museum until about 1894.
Robinson, Annabel. The Life and Work of Jane Ellen Harrison. Oxford University Press, 2001.
Her audiences were comprised mostly of middle- and upper-class women, and she spoke of the benefits of intellectual...
Textual Features Ruth Padel
The style of these poems, said one reviewer, is vintage RP : dynamic, baroque and jam-packed full of neocultural reference. Padel often writes about animals (sometimes in exotic wild places, often wild animals in captivity)...
Textual Production Fanny Kemble
FK 's papers are at the New York Public Library , the Harvard College Library, Butler Library at Columbia University , Boston Public Library , the British Library , and the Victoria and Albert Museum .
Adey, Lionel, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 32. Gale Research, 1984.
Textual Production Sally Purcell
SP collaborated with her partner, William Leaf , on a book published by the Victoria and Albert Museum , entitled Heraldic Symbols: Islamic Insignia and Western Heraldry.
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Textual Production Charlotte Smith
Her former publisher, the firm of Cadell , was just passing to a new generation. Both Thomas Cadells , father and son , and William Davies (partner of the latter) found Desmond too revolutionary: it...
Textual Production Anna Atkins
It appeared before Fox Talbot 's The Pencil of Nature, 1844-6, which does not therefore, technically, deserve being called, as it sometimes is, the first photobook. But his work, unlike Atkins's, was commercially...
Textual Production Maud Sulter
MS exhibited her photography and mixed media work in Britain, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, and North America. The public collections in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The City Art Centre
Textual Production Sarah Chapone
Some of SC 's letters remain at Gloucestershire Record Office , in the Bodleian Library , and among Richardson's correspondence in the Victoria and Albert Museum . Her surviving letters to John Wesley are printed...


The South Kensington Museum , which exhibited both art and science displays, was founded.
1 May 1862
The International Exhibition of Industry and Science opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington; it brought popular interest in Japan to the UK, with England's first exhibition of Japanese art.
During this period, the South Kensington Museum acquired substantial holdings in Oriental design and applied art.
2 July 1890
South Kensington Museum held an exhibition in celebration of the Jubilee of the Penny Post.
26 June 1909
Edward VII opened the Victoria and Albert Museum , South Kensington, London.
Artist Pearl Binder held a one-person exhibition at the Moffat Gallery in London.
Helen Chadwick was the first woman shortlisted for the Turner Prize for artists for her highly controversial piece entitled Carcass, using domestic detritus which changed physically during the course of exhibition.