Sally Purcell

Standard Name: Purcell, Sally
Birth Name: Sally Anne Jane Purcell
SP was a twentieth-century poet of distinction (whose scholarly bent showed itself in an astonishing range of esoteric allusion) and a translator (mostly of poetry) from a virtuoso range of languages. She also edited books of poetry, including anthologies, and wrote on both art and religion.


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Anthologization Sara Maitland
SM was the contributor placed first in The Happy Unicorns: The Poetry of the Under 25s, edited by Sally Purcell and Libby Purvis , with an introduction by John Wain .
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Textual Production Hélène Cixous
HC presented in 1968 the doctoral thesis which was translated into English by Sally Purcell in June four years later as The Exile of James Joyce.


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