Lady Ottoline Morrell

Standard Name: Morrell, Lady Ottoline
Birth Name: Ottoline Violet Anne Bentinck
Titled: Lady Ottoline Anne Violet Bentinck
Married Name: Lady Ottoline Anne Violet Morrell
LOM is best known as an early twentieth-century literary hostess who appears frequently in the memoirs, biographies, and fictions written by her guests. She aspired to be a writer herself, and she produced journals, letters, and memoirs, as well as collaborating with Bertrand Russell on fiction and non-fiction.
Sepia-toned photograph of Lady Ottoline Morrell, shown from the shoulders up. She is wearing a dark velvet dress with a layer of lace at the top and arms made of semi-sheer ribbed material. Her hair is jaw length, dark, and curly, and she is wearing pearl earrings and necklaces.
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Cultural formation Dora Carrington
Here, Morrell and another guest, writer Aldous Huxley (who were both friends of and loyal to Carrington's admirer Mark Gertler ), confronted Carrington about her reluctance to give up her virginity. She described the episode...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Margaret Sackville
The friendship between the widowed James Ramsay MacDonald , Labour politician, and LMS began in 1912 and proved important and long-lasting. She was said to have declined a proposal of marriage from him. The writer...
Family and Intimate relationships Constance Holme
He was thirteen years older than she was. He too had succeeded his father in his position, and his employer was Lord Henry Bentinck , brother of Lady Ottoline Morrell . The marriage was childless...
Family and Intimate relationships Aldous Huxley
They met while she, a well-connected Belgian, boarded at Garsington (the home of Member of Parliament Philip Morrell and his wife Ottoline Morrell , a centre for conscientious objectors, where AH spent a good deal...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Later, however, Bloomsbury was attacked as an arrogant, self-regarding, immoral, upper-class clique. D. H. Lawrence said Keynes and his friends were black beetles, and in Women in Love he attacked the group's aesthetic in...
Friends, Associates Katherine Mansfield
KM spent a weekend visiting Lady Ottoline Morrell at Garsington; this was the first in a string of regular visits.
Alpers, Antony. The Life of Katherine Mansfield. Oxford University Press, 1982.
Friends, Associates Katherine Mansfield
Garsington Manor is a Jacobean manor house near Oxford. It was furnished in a romantic if somewhat whimsical style.
Boddy, Gillian. Katherine Mansfield: The Woman and the Writer. Penguin Books Australia, 1988. http://U of A HSS, http://U of A HSS.
There its owner's wife, Lady Ottoline Morrell , a writer and a well-known hostess...
Friends, Associates E. H. Young
EHY corresponded with Lady Ottoline Morrell during the 1930s, and sent her copies of her novels.
Mezei, Kathy, and Chiara Briganti. “’She must be a very good novelist’: Rereading E. H. Young (1880-1949)”. English Studies in Canada, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 303-31.
Friends, Associates Viola Meynell
VM met Lawrence through Ivy Low . Enthusiastic about his writing, she offered to lend him her cottage and to do his typing. During his stay on the Meynells' property, Lawrence introduced Viola to Ottoline Morrell
Friends, Associates Rose Allatini
Virginia Woolf , who gives no indication of having met RA herself, recorded satirically how in February 1919, after the appearace and prosecution of Despised and Rejected, Lady Ottoline Morrellswooped down upon Allatini...
Friends, Associates Henry Green
HG was one of those whom Lady Ottoline Morrell entertained at her London salon and whose careers she nurtured with encouragement and influence. Explicitly speaking for others as well as himself, he said she took...
Friends, Associates Ruth Pitter
RP knew T. S. Eliot well enough to enjoy a courtly encounter with him at a bus stop, but she felt his great innovations had not necessarily been a good thing for English poetry, and...
Friends, Associates Hope Mirrlees
Before her death, Ottoline Morrell named writer HM as one of her literary executors; the two had been friends for some twenty years.
Woolf, Virginia. The Diary of Virginia Woolf. Editors Bell, Anne Olivier and Andrew McNeillie, Hogarth Press, 1977–1984.
5: 140
Friends, Associates Elizabeth von Arnim
On her return to London, EA found that her husband's smear campaign had effectively alienated her from her established social set. She responded by cultivating a friendship with a younger man, Alexander Stuart Frere-Reeves
Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
The day after war was declared, MAH was taken to meet Vernon Lee , a writer she much admired, who was then staying at the London home (44 Bedford Square) of Lady Ottoline and Philip Morrell .
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape, 1944.


From early summer 1915
Garsington Manor, near Oxford, the home of Lady Ottoline and Philip Morrell , became a centre for many pacifists, conscientious objectors, and non-pacifist critics of the war.


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