King Henry VII

Standard Name: Henry VII, King


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Cultural formation Lady Arbella Stuart
As a descendant of Henry VII and a niece of Mary Queen of Scots , LAS belonged to the highest possible rank and was close enough to lines of succeession to the thrones both of...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Arbella Stuart
LAS 's father, Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox , was the only surviving child of his mother, Lady Margaret Douglas ; he was a grandson of Margaret Tudor , Queen of Scots, and a great-grandson...
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Godley
Her father, Charles Wynn Griffith-Wynne , was the Member of Parliament for Caernarfonshire in Wales. He was a grandson of the third Earl of Aylesford , whose second son, Charles, married Jane Wynne ...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Pix
MP 's Catherine is not (like Shakespeare's) Katherine Parr, but is the French-born widow of Henry V , who formed an illicit union in about 1429 with the Welsh prince Owen Tudor , which produced...
Literary Setting Eleanor Sleath
The story is set in a Scottish border castle in the reign of Henry VII . ES again quotes learnedly: Ariosto and Petrarch in the original Italian, and Horace in Latin. The widowed Gertrude Baroness...
Textual Features Josephine Tey
Through an innovative blend of historical scholarship and detective fiction, the novel exonerates Richard III for the murder of the little Princes in the Tower, pinning the crime on Henry VII . JT 's...
Textual Features Mrs E. M. Foster
This four-volume novel follows many conventions of romance such as moated castles and beauteous damsels.
Smollett, Tobias. Roderick Random. J. Osborn, 1748.
13 ns (April 1795): 468
It begins in 1422, shortly after the death of Henry V , and it...
Textual Features Jane Loudon
The introductory chapter opens with Mrs Seymour's two daughters running into difficulties with synchronicity. One is astonished that Homer and Solomon were at least near-contemporaries; the other could not think who was king of France...
Textual Features Emma Robinson
Owen Tudor, fifteenth-century descendant of a royal and ancient Welsh family, was paternal grandfather of Henry VII . All kinds of romantic stories surround his secret marriage with Catherine de Valois , widow of Henry V
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In the last decade of her life, JP published another twelve historical novels under this name: a thirteenth appeared in the year of her death, 1993. Some of these novels revisit ground or people covered...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Barbara Hofland
BH explains that she intends to vindicate the character of Richard III (who in her view came back as Perkin Warbeck ) and expose Henry VII as a villain. She used the British Museum again...


22 August 1485
King Richard III was killed at the battle of Bosworth Field; Henry Bolingbroke seized the throne of England and reigned as Henry VII .
16 June 1487
The forces of Lambert Simnel (claimant to the throne, self-proclaimed Earl of Warwick, who had some Irish supporters) were defeated by those of Henry VII .
August 1497
Perkin Warbeck , allegedly younger brother of Edward V but probably an impostor, was taken into custody by Henry VII ; he was executed two years later.
Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby (also known as Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of the future Henry VII ), endowed the Regius Professorship of Divinity at Cambridge University.
21 April 1509
King Henry VII died; the next day Henry VIII assumed the throne of England. He began his reign by marrying Catherine of Aragon , widow of his brother Arthur.
By 1514
Mary , daughter of Henry VII (sister of Henry VIII and later Queen of France), had her own schoolmaster.
After 18 March 1954
English-educated, American historical or biographicalnovelist Anya Seton issued her best-known work, Katherine, about the commoner from whom descends every English monarch since Henry VII .