Solomon, King of Israel

Standard Name: Solomon,, King of Israel
Used Form: Shlomo
Used Form: Sϋleyman
Used Form: Sulaymān
Used Form: Salomon
Used Form: Solomōn


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Publishing Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
The work had been entered in the Stationers' Register some time during the year following 22 July 1569.
Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit,. “Introduction”. Elizabeth Tyrwhit’s Morning and Evening Prayers, edited by Susan M. Felch, Ashgate, pp. 1-51.
The single surviving copy, now in the British Library , is identified in an inscription on...
Textual Features Elizabeth Bathurst
The collection begins with Sarah, wife of Abraham, and moves on through twenty-one listings of renowned
Bathurst, Elizabeth. The Sayings of Women. Andrew Sowle.
Old Testament women. Each is introduced with the statement: We find . . . .
Bathurst, Elizabeth. The Sayings of Women. Andrew Sowle.
EB 's...
Textual Features Jane Loudon
The introductory chapter opens with Mrs Seymour's two daughters running into difficulties with synchronicity. One is astonished that Homer and Solomon were at least near-contemporaries; the other could not think who was king of France...


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