King Richard III

Standard Name: Richard III, King


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Intertextuality and Influence Josephine Tey
The Daughter of Time was extremely well received when it was first published, and it remains Tey's best-known work. Crime writer Anthony Boucher gave it high praise for originality: The result is a real bouleversement...
Literary Setting J. S. Anna Liddiard
The first poem, Kenilworth Castle. A Masque, was published separately at both Dublin and London in 1815 (after the battle of Waterloo put a new face on English patriotism), and is again dedicated to...
Performance of text Josephine Tey
Gordon Daviot 's play Dickon (probably written in the 1940s, well before The Daughter of Time, but not revealed until now) posthumously re-opened the subject of Richard III in a production at the Salisbury Arts Theatre
Author summary Josephine Tey
Josephine Tey was the pseudonym that Scottish writer Elizabeth Mackintosh used for her detective fiction, the genre for which she is now best known. Her other pseudonym, Gordon Daviot, was usually reserved for what she...
Textual Features Mrs E. M. Foster
This four-volume novel follows many conventions of romance such as moated castles and beauteous damsels.
Smollett, Tobias. Roderick Random. J. Osborn.
13 ns (April 1795): 468
It begins in 1422, shortly after the death of Henry V , and it...
Textual Features Sara Maitland
The title poem, one of SM 's, concludes with the dancing unicorns' words: we were far too free to heed / Old Noah's tiresome calling.
Wain, John. The Happy Unicorns. Editors Purcell, Sally and Libby Purvis, Sidgwick and Jackson.
Her other poems here find words for the voices...
Textual Features Josephine Tey
Through an innovative blend of historical scholarship and detective fiction, the novel exonerates Richard III for the murder of the little Princes in the Tower, pinning the crime on Henry VII . JT 's...
Textual Features Mary Shelley
Perkin Warbeck is set in England during the Wars of the Roses. MS supposes that Warbeck , pretender to the throne, was indeed, as he claimed, Richard, Duke of York (the younger of the two...
Textual Production Elizabeth Jenkins
This book was inspired by the scholar A. L. Rowse , and by a visit to him and her publisher friend Raleigh Trevelyan at their houses in Cornwall. It treated Arthur not as a...
Textual Production Josephine Tey
Shortly before her death, JT published her best-known detective novel, The Daughter of Time, which successfully popularised revisionist theories about Richard III . The title alludes to Francis Bacon, who wrote that truth...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Barbara Hofland
BH explains that she intends to vindicate the character of Richard III (who in her view came back as Perkin Warbeck ) and expose Henry VII as a villain. She used the British Museum again...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Carola Oman
Many of these novels centre on their protagonist in such a way as to give them a strong generic relationship with the biographies to which she later turned, and the protagonists tend to be either...


25-26 June 1483: The child King Edward V was deposed, and...

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25-26 June 1483

The child King Edward V was deposed, and Richard III assumed the throne of England.

22 August 1485: King Richard III was killed at the battle...

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22 August 1485

King Richard III was killed at the battle of Bosworth Field; Henry Bolingbroke seized the throne of England and reigned as Henry VII .

January 1787: Newspapers advertised the publication of...

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January 1787

Newspapers advertised the publication of Original Letters, Written during the Reigns of Henry VI ,Edward IV and Richard III by Various Persons of Rank or Consequence, generally titled The Paston Letters.


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