Perkin Warbeck

Standard Name: Warbeck, Perkin


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Textual Features Mary Shelley
Perkin Warbeck is set in England during the Wars of the Roses. MS supposes that Warbeck , pretender to the throne, was indeed, as he claimed, Richard, Duke of York (the younger of the two...
Textual Features Eleanor Sleath
The story is set in a Scottish border castle in the reign of Henry VII . ES again quotes learnedly: Ariosto and Petrarch in the original Italian, and Horace in Latin. The widowed Gertrude Baroness...
Textual Production Mary Shelley
Again as the author of Frankenstein, MS published her second historical novel, The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck.
This was the same year that her father published his novel Cloudesley.
Shelley, Mary. “Introduction”. Lodore, edited by Lisa Vargo, Broadview, pp. 9-45.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Barbara Hofland
BH explains that she intends to vindicate the character of Richard III (who in her view came back as Perkin Warbeck ) and expose Henry VII as a villain. She used the British Museum again...


25-26 June 1483: The child King Edward V was deposed, and...

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25-26 June 1483

The child King Edward V was deposed, and Richard III assumed the throne of England.

August 1497: Perkin Warbeck, allegedly younger brother...

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August 1497

Perkin Warbeck , allegedly younger brother of Edward V but probably an impostor, was taken into custody by Henry VII ; he was executed two years later.


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