Richard Bentley

Standard Name: Bentley, Richard,, 1794 - 1871


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Friends, Associates Charles Dickens
As one of the leading literary figures of the period, CD had an extensive social network. His early acquaintances in publishing included Richard Bentley , William Harrison Ainsworth , and John Forster (who later became...
Friends, Associates Ellen Wood
Probably as early as 1862, the publisher Richard Bentley asked EW for her critical opinion of the work of Mary Elizabeth Braddon . She replied with a balanced, judicious, and respectful assessment.
Sussex, Lucy. “Mrs Henry Wood and her Memorials”. Women’s Writing, No. 2, pp. 157 - 68.
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Eleanor Trollope
After her marriage to Thomas Adolphus Trollope , FET was quickly adopted into the Trollope family not only as his wife, but also as a fellow writer. Though she had begun her relationship with Thomas...
Literary responses Ouida
Editorial reader Geraldine Jewsbury , commissioned by RichardBentley to report on this novel at its manuscript stage, wrote scathingly (on 29 December 1865) that it was not a story that will do any man...
Material Conditions of Writing Isabel Hill
Her need for money having induced IH to accept Richard Bentley 's offer to translate Germaine de Staël 's Corinne into English for his series Bentley's Standard Novels, her version appeared in print.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
Hill, Benson Earle. “Memoir of the Late Isabel Hill”. The Monthly Magazine, Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Publishing Eliza Lynn Linton
She intended this novel to open the eyes of its readers to the oppression of women. Her hopes were very high: I confidently expect a success equal to Jane Eyre. This may sound vain...
Publishing Anne Marsh
Their titles were Sealed Orders, The Previsions of Lady Evelyn, and A Soldier's Fortune. AM had some trouble negotiating the terms for this publication. She wrote to her son on 28 March,...
Publishing Anne Marsh
It was probably of this work that AM wrote in May 1844, My negotiation with Mr Bentley [publisher of her The Triumphs of Time] has not yet come to a conclusion, but I hope...
Publishing Ouida
The success of Ouida's Strathmore had led publisher RichardBentley to consider luring her from Chapman and Hall ; while Under Two Flags was still in manuscript, he commissioned a reader's report from Geraldine Jewsbury
Publishing Frances Trollope
After the fiasco with Whittaker , FT began shopping around for a new publishing house in the winter of 1834. This proved difficult, and she was rejected several times before Richard Bentley opted to publish...
Publishing Georgiana Fullerton
GF received 12 guineas for this first effort. After she sent a second poem to Bentley's, however, Richard Bentley advised her that she would do better to turn her attention to prose works. The...
Publishing Ellen Wood
The novel had been twice offered to the publishing house of Chapman and Hall , and was recommended by William Harrison Ainsworth . After their reader (novelist George Meredith ) twice rejected it, EW took...
Publishing Mary Shelley
MS began writing this novel in January 1831 (the year of the First Reform Bill), intending to subtitle it a Tale of the Present Times.
Vargo, Lisa. “Lodore and the ’Novel of Society’”. Women’s Writing, No. 3, pp. 425 - 40.
Shelley, Mary. “Introduction”. Lodore, edited by Lisa Vargo, Broadview, 1997, pp. 9 - 45.
While she worked on it she was moving...
Reception Ouida
This novel was successful enough to make publisher Richard BentleyRichard Bentley and Son consider taking over publication of Ouida 's novels from Chapman and Hall .
Jordan, Jane. “Ouida: The Enigma of a Literary Identity”. Princeton University Library Chronicle, No. 1, pp. 75 - 105.
Reception Rhoda Broughton
Broughton was apparently delighted with the positive reception of Red as a Rose is She. It was well reviewed in the Times and the Athenæum, and it proved even more popular with readers...


Henry Colburn set up a publishing house in London; his authors included many best-sellers.
3 June 1829
Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership with Richard Bentley (1794 - ­1871) (who, in order to do this, had just dissolved the partnership between himself and his brother Samuel Bentley as printers).
3 June 1829
Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership with Richard Bentley (1794 - ­1871) (who, in order to do this, had just dissolved the partnership between himself and his brother Samuel Bentley as printers).
4 November 1836
Richard Bentley (1794-1871) signed an agreement with Dickens to edit his new monthly periodical, Bentley's Miscellany.
3 November 1852
Richard Bentley agreed to publish Charles Reade 's first novel, Peg Woffington.
February 1859
Richard Bentley began publishing the short-lived Bentley's Quarterly Review.
December 1868
With sales of the once-popular Bentley's Miscellany at an all-time low, the owner, Richard Bentley , ended its publication.
10 September 1871
Richard Bentley , publisher, died at Ramsgate in Kent; his firm passed to his son George , and continued to publish under his name until 1898.