Roger Lonsdale

Standard Name: Lonsdale, Roger


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Anthologization Annabella Plumptre
Anthologist Roger Lonsdale includes several stanzas from it in his Eighteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology, 1989.
Lonsdale, Roger, editor. Eighteenth-Century Women Poets. Oxford University Press, 1990.
Literary responses Anna Letitia Barbauld
William Enfield quoted eight lines from Aikin (as Our Poetess) in dedicating his very popular anthology The Speaker, designed for the teaching of elocution, to the head of Warrington Academy . Her volume...
Literary responses Jane Brereton
In her anniversary poem on her mother's death, Charlotte Brereton , writing as Carolina, seized as consolation the thought (in the Gentleman's Magazine's over-insistent typography): Yet shall thy writings—thy example, be / The...
Literary responses Mary Leapor
The emphasis placed on ML by Roger Lonsdale in his revolutionary Eighteenth-Century Women Poets, 1989, was welcomed by reviewers.
Leapor, Mary. “Introduction”. Poems, edited by Ann Messenger and Richard Greene, 2003.
Donna Landry , virtually originating the late twentieth-century interest in labouring-class women poets of this...
Literary responses Judith Cowper Madan
Roger Lonsdale in 1990 followed Falconer Madan in supposing that her child-bearing and the influence of John Wesley and the Methodists amounted to sufficient explanation for her ceasing to write. Valerie Rumbold suggested in 1996...
Reception Elizabeth Tollet
Nineteenth-century anthologists Alexander Dyce and Frederic Rowton chose their selection of Tollet's poems from that of Southey.
Londry, Michael, and Elizabeth Tollet. The Poems of Elizabeth Tollet. Oxford University, 2004.
Mid-century critic Jane Williams thought Tollet lacked the vitalizing spark of genius, even though her correct metre...
Textual Features Mary Savage
The opening poem, Nothing New, situates the anxieties of authors in regard to critics in the tradition of anxieties of lovers: both are right to be anxious. The contents include an English translation of...
Textual Production Elizabeth Tollet
Her authorship of this volume was first revealed in a note in Roger Lonsdale 's Eighteenth-Century Women Poets in 1989.
Lonsdale, Roger, editor. Eighteenth-Century Women Poets. Oxford University Press, 1990.
Three copies are known to survive, at the British Library , Yale University ...
Textual Production Elizabeth Singer Rowe
An Expostulatory Epistle to Sir Richard Steele upon the Death of Mr. Addison, published in February 1720 by a Lady, is attributed to ESR in a contemporary note on the title-page of a...
Textual Production Joanna Baillie
She told Mary Berry that she hoped she would not give offence, since she wrote with humble boldness, regarding God & not man.
Duquette, Natasha Aleksiuk. Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women’s Approach to Biblical Interpretation. Pickwick Publications, 2016.
Her full title is Poems: Wherein it is attempted to describe...
Textual Production Jane Brereton
Twenty-two numbers appeared of an anonymous periodical, The Criticks. Being Papers upon the Times, which was written by JB 's husband, Thomas , but has been ascribed to her.
Anthologist Roger Lonsdale ascribes the...
Textual Production Jane Brereton
Bibliographer David Foxon assigns this poem to Elizabeth Singer Rowe , whose name was written on to the title-page by a contemporary reader of a copy now at the University of Illinois , Urbana...
Textual Production Martha Fowke
It has recently been suggested among scholars that MF is the hitherto unidentified author of another and larger group of poems in the Barbados Gazette. Bill Overton thinks it possible, Phyllis Guskin thinks it...


9 October 1731
The Barbados Gazette, edited by Samuel Keimer , published its first issue.