David F. Foxon

Standard Name: Foxon, David F.


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Textual Production Jane Brereton
Edward Cave (for whom JB had been a regular contributor) posthumously published, by subscription, her Poems on Several Occasions . . . with Letters to her Friends, bearing the date of 1744.
Both The...
Textual Production Jane Brereton
Bibliographer David Foxon assigns this poem to Elizabeth Singer Rowe , whose name was written on to the title-page by a contemporary reader of a copy now at the University of Illinois , Urbana...
Textual Production Frances Seymour, Countess of Hertford
This new publication was priced at one shilling. Its full title here was The Story of Inkle and Yarrico: A Most Moving Tale from the Spectator. The first poem opens A youth there was...
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
Abelard to Eloisa, an epistolary reply written in 1720 by Judith Cowper (who by now was Judith Madan) to Pope 's Eloisa to Abelard, was published in William Pattison 's posthumous works.


Around late February 1742: A woman named Margaret Ogle published, with...

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Around late February 1742

A woman named Margaret Ogle published, with her name, two versesatires on Walpole's fall from power: Mordecai Triumphant, or, the Fall of Haman prime minister of state to King Ahasuerus: an heroic poem and The...

25 August 1744: The Daily Advertiser carried an advertisement...

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25 August 1744

The Daily Advertiser carried an advertisement for The School of Venus, or The Lady's Delight, an English translation of a French pornographic text entitled L'Ecole des Filles.
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