Frederic Rowton

Standard Name: Rowton, Frederic


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Literary responses Caroline Bowles
In reference to the whole book, the Athenæum reviewer remarked that while Southey remained a favourite writer his Muse, as she appears in this volume—like our own sense of appreciation perhaps—is no longer in her...
Literary responses Eliza Cook
An 1848 preface to a US edition of her poems ranked EC 's popularity almost as high as that of Felicia Hemans or Caroline Norton . It characterises her work in terms of emotion and...
Literary responses Mary Leapor
ML was by no means forgotten after her first discovery. She was praised in John Duncombe 's Feminiadand accorded the largest share of space in Poems by Eminent Ladies.William Cowper , who...
Literary responses L. E. L.
Owing in large part to an article in The Wasp on 7 October 1826, reception of LEL's work was adversely affected in some quarters by rumours that her relationship with William Jerdan was sexual and...
Reception Elizabeth Tollet
Nineteenth-century anthologists Alexander Dyce and Frederic Rowton chose their selection of Tollet's poems from that of Southey.
Londry, Michael, and Elizabeth Tollet. The Poems of Elizabeth Tollet. Oxford University.
Mid-century critic Jane Williams thought Tollet lacked the vitalizing spark of genius, even though her correct metre...


1848: American George Washington Bethune published...

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American George Washington Bethune published his anthologyThe British Female Poets.

1848: Frederic Rowton published his anthology The...

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Frederic Rowton published his anthologyThe Female Poets of Great Britain, Chronologically Arranged, with Copious Selections and Critical Remarks.


Rowton, Frederic, and Marilyn L. Williamson. The Female Poets of Great Britain. Wayne State University Press, 1981.