Giuseppe Garibaldi

Standard Name: Garibaldi, Giuseppe


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Education Jessie White Mario
She arrived in London determined to study medicine so that she could serve as a field nurse during Garibaldi 's campaigns. She was refused entry to fourteen London hospitals. On 10 July 1856, a representative...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
DB 's youngest sister, Marjorie Colville (Gumbo) Strachey (1882-1964), was a teacher, suffragist, writer, and member of the group Woolf called the Neo-Pagans group (which included Rupert Brooke , Gwen Raverat , Ka Cox ...
Family and Intimate relationships Jessie White Mario
JWM 's husband was against Garibaldi 's offer of support for France in its war against Prussia, largely because France had occupied parts of Italy. This time he refused to join Jessie when she travelled into battle.
Daniels, Elizabeth Adams. Jessie White Mario: Risorgimento Revolutionary. Ohio University Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Mary Peard
FMP 's uncle Colonel John Whitehead Peard was a barrister who gave up the law to fight with Garibaldi 's forces in the campaign for Italian unification.
Harris, Mary J. Y. Memoirs of Frances Mary Peard. W. H. Smith.
In 1869 he was Sheriff of Cornwall.
Family and Intimate relationships Jessie White Mario
The groom spoke no almost no English. The couple had been engaged before their arrest, but most of their courtship played out by letter during their incarceration. Though Alberto shared his wife's commitment to the...
Family and Intimate relationships Linda Villari
LV 's father, James White , was a silk merchant during her childhood and adolescence.
His career forced him to move to China in 1841, and his family followed shortly afterwards without the five- or...
Friends, Associates Fanny Aikin Kortright
She was a friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne (whom she never met, but of whose wife and family she remained a faithful friend and correspondent after Hawthorne's death), Bulwer Lytton , and Charles Kingsley (all of...
Friends, Associates Jessie White Mario
In June 1882, JWM lost her good friend Giuseppe Garibaldi .
Friends, Associates Florence Nightingale
By 1858 she was in correspondence with Harriet Martineau . She also knew John Stuart Mill , Giuseppe Garibaldi , James Clark , Edwin Chadwick , William Rathbone , Julia Wedgwood , Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
ER and her husband, Sir Charles Eastlake , attended Gladstone 's party for the Italian patriot Garibaldi , who was visiting England.
Rigby, Elizabeth. Journals and Correspondence of Lady Eastlake. Editor Smith, Charles Eastlake, AMS Press.
2: 181
Lochhead, Marion C. Elizabeth Rigby, Lady Eastlake. John Murray.
Friends, Associates Harriet Hamilton King
HHK met Giuseppe Garibaldi on his visit to England; on a different occasion this year she met another Italian nationalist whom she had passionately admired for years, Giuseppe Mazzini .
Ashton, Rosemary. George Eliot: A Life. Hamish Hamilton.
Rudman, Harry William. Italian Nationalism and English Letters. AMS Press.
Howe, Mark Antony de Wolfe, editor. The Beacon Biographies of Eminent Americans. Small, Maynard.
Friends, Associates Harriet Hamilton King
On 16 August 1862 (the year after Italy achieved its independence, as a monarchy and not as the republic which the revolutionaries had envisaged), Harriet renewed her pledges of devotion to Mazzini and his political...
Literary Setting Margaret Roberts
This novel is set in the Rome of Garibaldi and Pius IX , during Italy's revolutionary era. The protagonist is a young opera singer drawn into politics. The Feminist Companion says the novel is notable...
Literary Setting Harriet Hamilton King
The first part of the collection concerns Giuseppe Garibaldi , Felice Orsini (whose assassination attempt on Napoleon III it defends), and the cause the author herself had fervently embraced: that of Italian nationalism.
Miles, Alfred H., editor. The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. AMS Press.
King, Harriet Hamilton. Aspromonte and Other Poems. Macmillan.
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
MEB 's first publications included verse in The Beverley Recorder. A patron, John Gilby , volunteered to underwrite the production and publication of a volume of her poetry, stipulating that the principal piece should...


4 July 1807: Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot, was...

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4 July 1807

Giuseppe Garibaldi , Italian patriot, was born at Nice.

January 1849: Radicals ascended to power in Rome (centre...

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January 1849

Radicals ascended to power in Rome (centre of the Papal States) and established a Roman Republic.

June 1849: The Italian revolution was suppressed in...

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June 1849

The Italian revolution was suppressed in Rome, where armies of by now non-revolutionary France (sent to protect the Pope) besieged and reconquered the city.

1859: Miss Wreford became the first female foreign...

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Miss Wreford became the first female foreign correspondent for The Times.

May 1860: Garibaldi and 1,500 volunteers sailed from...

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May 1860

Garibaldi and 1,500 volunteers sailed from Genoa to Marsala, Sicily, where they occupied the town in the name of Victor Emmanuel II and raised the Italian tricolour flag.

October 1860: Garibaldi entered Naples; he then transferred...

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October 1860

Garibaldi entered Naples; he then transferred power to Victor Emmanuel II , who was proclaimed ruler of the unified Kingdom of Italy.

2 June 1882: Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot and military...

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2 June 1882

Giuseppe Garibaldi , Italian patriot and military leader during the Risorgimento, died at Caprera, Italy.


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