Marjorie Strachey

Standard Name: Strachey, Marjorie
Used Form: Marjorie Colville (Gumbo) Strachey


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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
DB 's youngest sister, Marjorie Colville (Gumbo) Strachey (1882-1964), was a teacher, suffragist, writer, and member of the group Woolf called the Neo-Pagans group (which included Rupert Brooke , Gwen Raverat , Ka Cox ...
Family and Intimate relationships Amabel Williams-Ellis
Amabel Strachey had a long roster of talented, accomplished relations by birth and marriage. Within her own generation her cousins or cousins by marriage included the writers Lytton Strachey , Ray Strachey , and Dorothy Bussy
Friends, Associates Ling Shuhua
The artists came together at this time: Bell and Duncan Grant added small pieces to LS's friendship scroll, and LS painted some of Quentin Bell 's ceramics. LS briefly met Arthur Waley via Vanessa Bell
Friends, Associates Ray Strachey
After her return from Bryn Mawr in 1909, Ray Costelloe (later RS ) stayed with her friend Ellie Rendel (whose mother was an elder sister of Lytton Strachey ) at the Stracheys' home in Hampstead...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Later, however, Bloomsbury was attacked as an arrogant, self-regarding, immoral, upper-class clique. D. H. Lawrence said Keynes and his friends were black beetles, and in Women in Love he attacked the group's aesthetic in...
Occupation Dorothy Bussy
After Marie Souvestre moved Les Ruches to England (renaming it Allenswood and locating it in Wimbledon Park, near London), Dorothy Strachey became one of her staff at this new incarnation of her own old...
politics Virginia Woolf
Virginia's work consisted mainly of addressing envelopes, and she committed herself only to some weeks of this at the beginning and end of 1910. But she was also associated with the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
Textual Production Dorothy Bussy
In 1921 DB began to record her relationship with Gide in private volumes that both referred to as the black notebook. It is possible that these were the diaries which Pippa Strachey later urged...
Textual Production Ling Shuhua
Marjorie Strachey , one of several people in LS's writing life whom she met via Vanessa Bell , provided editorial assistance.
Welland, Sasha Su-Ling. A Thousand Miles of Dreams: The Journeys of Two Chinese Sisters. Rowman & Littlefield.
Travel Dorothy Bussy
Dorothy Strachey (later DB ) holidayed in the south of France with her siblings Marjorie and Lytton Strachey .
Holroyd, Michael. Lytton Strachey: A Biography. Penguin.


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