Edwin Chadwick

Standard Name: Chadwick, Edwin


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Family and Intimate relationships Florence Farr
FF 's father, William Farr , was a successful doctor, medical statistician, and reformer. He lectured and published on the subject of hygiene, which he preferred to call hygiology. Bernard Shaw describes him as...
Friends, Associates Florence Nightingale
By 1858 she was in correspondence with Harriet Martineau . She also knew John Stuart Mill , Giuseppe Garibaldi , James Clark , Edwin Chadwick , William Rathbone , Julia Wedgwood , Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Intertextuality and Influence Florence Nightingale
Notes on Hospitals was published in 1859. Apparently Edwin Chadwick first encouraged FN to write on sanitation.
British Library Catalogue. http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?dscnt=0&tab=local_tab&dstmp=1489778087340&vid=BLVU1&mode=Basic&fromLo.
Webb, Val. Florence Nightingale: The Making of a Radical Theologian. Chalice.
The collection reached its third edition in 1863, when it was enlarged and for the most part...
Textual Features Florence Nightingale
The letters span FN 's entire life and include examples of her correspondences with Edwin Chadwick , Benjamin Jowett , Harriet Martineau , and Mary Clarke Mohl .
Nightingale, Florence. Ever Yours, Florence Nightingale. Editors Vicinus, Martha and Bea Nergaard, Harvard University Press.


1841: The census of this year revealed 712,493...

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The census of this year revealed 712,493 women in Britain employed in domestic service, 115,425 in cotton manufacture, 89,079 in dressmaking and millinery, 35,262 in agricultural labour, and 30,150 in teaching.

July 1842: Edwin Chadwick presented his Report on the...

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July 1842

Edwin Chadwick presented his Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain to the House of Lords .


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