Charlotte Wilson

Standard Name: Wilson, Charlotte
Used Form: Charlotte M. Wilson


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Dedications E. Nesbit
In the same year she contributed some of the contents to a series of four anthologies entitled from the seasons of the year Spring Songs and Sketches and so on, edited by herself and Robert Ellis Mack
Education Emma Frances Brooke
Newnham College opened in September 1871 with Anne Jemima Clough as its principal, and with five pioneering students: Mary Paley (later Marshall , who encouraged Jane Ellen Harrison to follow her to Newnham), Edith Creak
Friends, Associates Olive Schreiner
In England she also formed close friendships and intellectual bonds with feminist and socialist intellectual Eleanor Marx , barrister and mathematics professor Karl Pearson , and socialist pioneer Edward Carpenter . Others she met in...
Friends, Associates Ethel Lilian Voynich
Back in London, Ethel Lilian Boole was further pulled into revolutionary causes after her friend Charlotte Wilson (then an anarchist journalist, later a leader of the Fabian Women's Group ) introduced her to exiles Sergei Kravchinskii
Friends, Associates L. S. Bevington
LSB was a friend of many notable anarchist journalists, including Charlotte Wilson
Senaha, Eijun. “A Life of Louisa Sarah Bevington”. The Hokkaido University Annual Report on Cultural Sciences, Vol.
, pp. 131-49.
(a leading member of the Fabians and co-founder of the anarchist journal Freedom), Helen and Olivia Rossetti (editors of another anarchist...
Friends, Associates Emma Frances Brooke
While at Newnham College , EFB began her acquaintance with Charlotte Mary Martin , later Charlotte Wilson , a forceful young bluestocking with a similar growing dissatisfaction about the political beliefs that she was exposed...
Friends, Associates E. Nesbit
Through her political interests she got to know George Bernard Shaw (with whom she had a brief affair but a succeeding steady friendship), Sidney Webb , Sydney Olivier , Annie Besant , Eleanor Marx ,...
Intertextuality and Influence Ethel Lilian Voynich
ELV 's many sources of inspiration for this novel were gathered over a long period of years. At the age of fifteen she came across a book about Giuseppe Mazzini which captured her imagination and...
politics Emma Frances Brooke
EFB was initiated into London socialist circles by Charlotte and Arthur Wilson , and was becoming increasingly involved in socialist and feminist activism.
Daniels, Kay. “Emma Brooke: Fabian, feminist and writer”. Women’s History Review, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 153-68.
politics Emma Frances Brooke
She joined the Karl Marx Club , a reading group formed by Charlotte Wilson , at its first meeting in 1884. The club evolved into the Hampstead Historic Club , which has been described as...
politics Emma Frances Brooke
The group was created primarily through the efforts of EFB and Maud Pember Reeves , though Charlotte Wilson also played an important role. It examined, among other things, significant questions about women and their relation...
politics Dora Marsden
Following her split with the WSPU , DM considered joining the Women's Freedom League or the Fabian Society , but instead began to plan for a radical feminist journal that would stimulate discussion of diverse...
Residence Emma Frances Brooke
In the year that she lost her fortune, EFB moved from Cheshire toLondon, where she settled at 39 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, near Charlotte Wilson and her husband Arthur .
Edwards, Joseph, editor. The First Labour Annual 1895: A Year Book of Industrial Progress and Social Welfare. No. 1, The Harvester Press.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Daniels, Kay. “Emma Brooke: Fabian, feminist and writer”. Women’s History Review, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 153-68.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
Textual Features Emma Frances Brooke
It discusses in detail the ideas of anarchism which EFB encountered through her friendship with Charlotte and Arthur Wilson .
Daniels, Kay. “Emma Brooke: Fabian, feminist and writer”. Women’s History Review, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 153-68.
Its heroine, Honora Kemball, is faced with her father's decision to renounce his wages...
Violence Josephine Butler
JB 's campaign against the Contagious Diseases Acts made her a target of mob violence and attacks. While staying at a hotel in Colchester in November 1870, she recalls a mob that had gathered around...


: Female Contagious Diseases Acts repealers...

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Female Contagious Diseases Acts repealers were attacked in Pontefract, as they held a meeting to organize electoral lobbying.

October 1886: Freedom, a popular anarchist newspaper, was...

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October 1886

Freedom, a popular anarchist newspaper, was founded in London by Charlotte M. Wilson and Peter Kropotkin .


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