L. S. Bevington

Standard Name: Bevington, L. S.
Birth Name: Louisa Sarah Bevington
Married Name: Louisa Sarah Guggenberger
Indexed Name: Louisa S. Guggenberger
Pseudonym: Arbor Leigh
Pseudonym: L. S. B.
LSB was an essayist, philosopher and poet, one of a very small handful of publishing anarcho-communist women. She issued three collections of poetry, over thirty essays, and a small number of translations in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In the course of her life, she developed into a vociferous activist for communal governance of society free from money, religion, and state apparatus, and supported violence as a necessary element of revolution. Her work is strongly tied to post-Darwinian theories of evolution.
Domingue, Jackie Dees. Doctrine and Dynamite. Texas A and M.
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William R. Hughes provided for the Midland Naturalist a review of this book which CN called kind.
Hughes, William Richard et al. Constance Naden: A Memoir. Bickers and Son.
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January 1894: James Tochatti edited the first issue of...

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January 1894

James Tochatti edited the first issue of Liberty, A Journal of Anarchist Communism, published in London.

15 February 1894: French anarchist Martial Bourdin was fatally...

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15 February 1894

French anarchist Martial Bourdin was fatally injured in an apparent attempt to destroy the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park using a home-made bomb.


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