Clotilde Graves

Standard Name: Graves, Clotilde
Birth Name: Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
Pseudonym: Clo. Graves
Pseudonym: Richard Dehan
CG , who published from the late nineteenth through the first decades of the twentieth century, wrote short stories, an estimated sixteen plays, and novels. Among her fiction, some of the earlier titles concern themselves with women's issues. Under the masculine pseudonym Richard Dehan she then produced a series of popular historical novels which feature exotic Empire settings, men of action, and extreme emotional situations. Though a website claims she is best known for her humorous novels and stories of witchcraft and pagan religions,
“The Edgar Rice Burroughs Library: Shelf D2”. ERBzine: Research.
her contemporary fame came from her exotic adventure novels.


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Occupation Christopher St John
CSJ had performed at a private party as a child, cross-dressed, by singing a comic popular song. As Christabel Marshall she had performed with the Stage Society at the Garrick Theatre in London in Gilbert Murray
Textual Production Lady Colin Campbell
LCC collaborated with the experienced playwright Clotilde Graves on a full-length drama entitled St Martin's Summer, described as A Play Written by Ladies for Ladies
“In London Theatres”. The New York Times, p. 7.
(2 February 1902): 7
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Textual Production May Crommelin


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