Harry Furniss

Standard Name: Furniss, Harry


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Friends, Associates Florence Marryat
FM was well known in London society. Her early friends included novelist Annie Thomas Cudlip (to whom she later dedicated a novel) and her later ones are typified by Harry Furniss , a budding young...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Riddell
In her days of success, CR was generous to those just starting out. She helped the nineteen-year-old illustrator Harry Furniss when he first arrived in London from Ireland, giving him an introduction to Florence Marryat
Occupation Constance Smedley
CS began early to see herself as a professional. She placed her first full-page illustration in the Pall Mall Magazine at the age of sixteen, and was so delighted at its acceptance that she took...
Publishing E. Owens Blackburne
She is said to have written the first of the four Droll Stories (entitled Philosopher Push) some years before publication. The others are presumed to be recent. A Sure Shot, one of the...
Publishing Hélène Gingold
HG published a second volume of sketches of the London financial world, Financial Philosophy, this time illustrated by Harry Furniss .
Textual Production Charlotte Riddell
CR liked to think out the details and even the dialogue for a novel before beginning to write it down. She would compose the end before the beginning. Though her publications followed each other so...


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Gingold, Hélène, and Harry Furniss. Financial Philosophy. Greening, 1902.
Blackburne, E. Owens et al. Irish Stories, Humorous and Tragic. J. Hogg, 1880.