Justin Huntly McCarthy

Standard Name: McCarthy, Justin Huntly


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Literary responses Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
According to the author, this book was favourably noticed by London newspapers and praised by two members of parliament, Thomas Power O'Connor and Justin Huntly McCarthy .
O'Connor's initials are wrongly given in the book...
Publishing Helen Mathers
HM collaborated with Florence Marryat , Julia Frankau , Frances Eleanor Trollope , Conan Doyle , Bram Stoker , Justin H. McCarthy , Joseph Hatton , and others in a serial novel, The Fate of Fenella, in The Gentlewoman.
Maunder, Andrew. “Introduction”. The Fate of Fenella, Valancourt Books, p. vii - xxiii.
Mathers, Helen et al. The Fate of Fenella. Cassell.
“Summary of News”. The British Architect, pp. 407-8.
Textual Production Clotilde Graves
The others in the venture were Benjamin Leopold Farjeon , Florence Marryat , G. Manville Fenn , Rosa Praed , Justin Huntly McCarthy , and Clement Scott .


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Graves, Clotilde et al. Seven Xmas Eves. Hutchinson, 1894.
Mathers, Helen et al. The Fate of Fenella. Cassell, 1892.