Anne Plumptre

Standard Name: Plumptre, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Plumptre
Pseudonym: A Lady
AP , Romantic-era writer, a radical in politics, produced four novels (one of them a tour de force, an epistolary novel of great power and subtlety), much translation (particularly radical plays), travel writings (including political accounts of revolutionary France and of Ireland, the former a uniquely trenchant and sympathetic analysis), and a remarkable piece of medical history. As this survey suggests, she is a remarkably original as well as a progressive thinker.


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Cultural formation Annabella Plumptre
AP was an Englishwoman from the professional class, who developed radical political attitudes. With her mother and her sister Anne , she caused a serious family rift by defecting from her father's Anglicanism .
Plumptre, Anne. “Introduction”. Something New, edited by Deborah McLeod, Broadview, p. vii - xxix.
viii and n4
death Annabella Plumptre
AP died in her late seventies at Rennes in France, having outlived her sister Anne by twenty years.
Lonsdale, Roger, editor. Eighteenth-Century Women Poets. Oxford University Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Annabella Plumptre
AP enjoyed a close relationship with her elder sister Anne .
Family and Intimate relationships C. E. Plumptre
The radical novelists and miscellaneous writers Anne and Annabella Plumptre were CEP 's collateral ancestors.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Family and Intimate relationships Thomas Gray
Scholarly opinion still differs as to whether Gray's relationship with the young Swiss Charles Victor von Bonstetten was a great love or a sentimental friendship. It was first publicly revealed in letters in a volume...
Friends, Associates Henrietta Maria Bowdler
One of HMB 's male friends was James Plumptre , younger brother of the writers Anne and Annabella (though the sisters' radical politics were diametrically opposed to those of the Bowdler family). By 1802 she...
Friends, Associates Eliza Fenwick
Other more or less radical friends of EF included Thomas Holcroft , Anne Plumptre , Elizabeth Benger , Jane Porter , Henry Crabb Robinson , Charles and Mary Lamb , and their friend Sarah Stoddart
Friends, Associates Ann Jebb
A particular sparring partner of AJ , who would attack her boldest reasoning, with his quaint and lively repartees, was the young William Paley , later an eminent theologian.
Meadley, George William. “Memoir of Mrs. Jebb”. The Monthly Repository, Vol.
, pp. 597 - 604, 661.
She formed another close and...
Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
AO 's friendship with Anne and Annabella Plumptre (daughters of Robert Plumptre , Prebend of Norwich, both of whom grew up to be writers) dated from their shared childhood.
Plumptre, Anne. “Introduction”. Something New, edited by Deborah McLeod, Broadview, p. vii - xxix.
xxvi, ix-x
Her friendship with the...
Intertextuality and Influence Joanna Baillie
Baillie's preface explicitly denies that she was influenced by (even that she had read) German tragedians, while implicitly calling attention to the similarities in style and subject-matter between her work and theirs: for instance between...
Intertextuality and Influence Jemima Kindersley
The Critical Review gave JK a good notice: it called her a female voyager (a less usual character, it said, than female traveller), and noted that she communicates much information in an easy and agreeable...
Intertextuality and Influence Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
According to the Quarterly, Anne Plumptre , when touring Ireland a few years later, used O'Donnel as if it were a guidebook: as an introduction to society, a history of the country, and a...
Author summary Annabella Plumptre
Romantic-era writer AP 's career shadowed that of her probably better-known sister Anne ; but after novels and translations she turned to domestic and children's literature instead of to travel and political writing.
Publishing Annabella Plumptre
AP 's last publication, the only one co-authored with her sister , Tales of Wonder, of Humour, and of Sentiments, was advertised a ready for publication.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
87.2 (1817): 538
Publishing Hannah Brand
It was printed at Norwich and sold through London publishers. The subscription list was impressive, including Anna Letitia Barbauld , John Brand (presumably HB 's brother) of Hemingston Hall in Suffolk, who took twenty copies...


24 May 1799: Pizarro by Richard Brinsley Sheridan opened...

Writing climate item

24 May 1799

Pizarro by Richard Brinsley Sheridan opened at Drury Lane . An adaptation of Kotzebue 's melodrama about Peru, Pizarro voiced the anti-French feelings (fore-runners of anti-Napoleonic feelings) disturbing the English people at this time.


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