Jemima Kindersley

Standard Name: Kindersley, Jemima
Birth Name: Jemima Wicksteed
Married Name: Jemima Kindersley
JK is an original and compelling writer, both in her travel book (the earliest travel narrative by an Englishwoman to deal with South America, Africa, and India, written in 1764-9 and published in 1777) and her translated feminist essay.


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Publishing Isabella Kelly
Subscribers included John Julius Angerstein , a colonel related to Anne Bannerman , Jemima Kindersley 's husband, Frances Boscawen , Mary Champion de Crespigny , Henrietta Fordyce , Lord Hawke , Countess Lonsdale (the eldest...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ketaki Kushari Dyson
She considers a wide range of journalists and memoirists, particularly the lesser-known writers, embarking on a recuperative effort. Her purpose in illuminating the literary, historical, and sociological significance of the journals and memoirs was to...


14 March 1773: Louise d'Epinay composed, in a letter to...

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14 March 1773

Louise d'Epinay composed, in a letter to Ferdinando Galiani , a riposte to Essai sur le charactère, les moeurs, et l'esprit des femmes by Antoine Leonard Thomas , which had appeared in early January 1772.


Thomas, Antoine Leonard. An Essay on the Character, the Manners, and the Understanding of Women. Translator Kindersley, Jemima, J. Dodsley, 1781.
Kindersley, Jemima. Letters from the Island of Teneriffe, Brazil, the Cape of Good Hope, and the East Indies. J. Nourse, 1777.